Which frequency bands does US Mobile use?

GSM 5G Bands:

GSM 5G offers the broadest compatibility. If the device possesses Band 4 1700/2100 Mhz and Band 12 700/740 Mhz for LTE, and Band n77 and n78 for 5G then in most areas you should be able to enjoy high-speed 5G/LTE data.

Warp 5G Bands:

For our Warp 5G network, the requirements are a bit different, so we have a handy compatibility checker built into the ‘Networks’ page. Just enter the 15 digit IMEI of your device to know if you can use it on Warp 5G. Most devices that support HD Voice/VoLTEBand 4 and 13 for LTE, and Band n77, n260, n261, n2, n5, and n66 for 5G are compatible with our Warp 5G service. We highly recommend that you contact us with your device's make and model + IMEI so our experts can determine which network fits it best. You can usually find the IMEI printed on a sticker underneath the device or on the packaging.

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