What happens if I run out of data in my Pooled Plan?

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US Mobile now offers shared data plans along with unlimited talk and text!

If you use up all the data you paid for, the lines in your pool will not have 4G LTE data service anymore.

Reaching out when your pool's nearly empty

We know that running out of data is inconvenient, and we want to help you avoid that. We'll send you a couple of warnings along the way:

  1. We'll email you when your pool gets to 90% consumption. See here for more information on our terms like consumption.
  2. We'll also email you when your pool runs out entirely.
  3. In our app, when you look at your pool, you'll be able to see if you have fully consumed the purchased data. You'll also be able to know if you're on track to go over your base plan.

How to get data service back

But don't worry, it's not permanent! You can get data service back in a couple of ways:

  1. Buy a top-up. The top-up takes effect immediately, and your lines will get 4G LTE data service back right away.
  2. Or you can wait for your next billing cycle to start. Each cycle is 30 days long. The moment your new cycle begins, your lines will be back in business with the plans activated.

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