How to set up an Android with a GSM 5G line

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It's just a few steps from here to get your phone set up for the GSM 5G line.

APN settings are case-sensitive and do not have any spaces or special characters. The settings have to be entered exactly the way it appears below for the phone to work properly.
  1. Go to Settings > Connections / Network & Internet > Mobile Networks / Cellular networks > Access Point Names
    Some phones may require Settings > More > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names Or Settings > Connections > More networks > Mobile networks > Access Point Names
  2. Tap the menu button (usually 3 stacked dots).
  3. Reset the settings by tapping on Reset to default.
  4. Select ADD.
  5. Update the fields under the Edit Access Point section with the settings shown below.

    Upgraded GSM 5G Network:
    Name: US Mobile
    APN: wholesale

    Legacy GSM 5G Network:
    Name: US Mobile
    APN: pwg
    MCC: 310
    MNC: 260 (In case you're unable to save it with 260, try saving with 240)
    APN Type: (leave this empty, but if you run into data or MMS problems, try default,MMS or default,supl,mms, or Internet+MMS)
    APN Protocol: IPv4/IPv6
    APN Roaming Protocol: IPv4
If you see settings that we don’t mention below, please leave those settings unchanged—if those fields are blank, leave them blank, and if they are pre-filled, don’t change them.
  1. Tap Menu.
  2. Select Save.
  3. Go back to the APN list and verify that the new US Mobile APN is present and selected.
  4. Restart the phone & you’ll be good to go!

If you need help or have questions, please feel free to contact us via call (​1-878-205-0088), email (​, or via chat.

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How to set up an iPhone with a GSM 5G line