I cannot activate my SIM

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Sometimes while activating your SIM or trying to use it on your device, you may encounter some errors that can be easily fixed by going through this guide. Below, you will find the possible solutions for some common errors during the activation process:

  1. Pick your network (Warp 5G or GSM 5G)
  2. Enter the SIM Card number or select an eSIM
  3. Choose a number (Get a new number or transfer your number)
  4. Payment Page
  5. Other common issues that could be faced while activation

Pick your network (Warp 5G or GSM 5G)


You may get this error when you check whether your phone is compatible with the Warp 5G network.

Solution: Make sure to enter the correct IMEI number and NOT your SIM card number. The IMEI is always 15 digits long. If you’re still facing issues, please contact customer support via chat, email, or call and they should be able to help you.

Enter the SIM Card number

Error: “SIM Card already used”

You are getting this error possibly because you are retrying the activation even though it has gone through before, or maybe that the SIM Card is active already with another line.

Solution: Please contact customer support via chat, email or call, and they can tell you the SIM Card status and can help you with the next steps.

Choose the number (Get a new number OR transfer your number)

Error: "Carrier is not on the list"

If you are planning to transfer your number from a previous carrier, sometimes your carrier might not be on the given list.

Solution: If you are unsure about your carrier’s availability in the list, continue by selecting the parent carrier of your service provider or select any carrier that is visible. As long as the submitted number and account information is correct, you should be good to go! Please use this guide to be sure you submit the correct information.

Error: "Letters in the Account Number"

At times the Account Number that you have to put in has letters in it. Our system only allows numbers to be put in.

Solution: If your carrier’s account number contains an alphabet, then you may proceed without adding it and once the activation request is submitted, contact our customer support team to have it updated. Please use this guide to be sure you submit the correct information.

Payment Page (check out)

Error: "The Credit Cards can’t be added"

For this, it is possible your card is under the "do not honor" list, or there is a restriction from your bank.

Solution: Get the restriction removed or retry with another credit card. US Mobile only accepts major Credit/Debit cards. Gift cards, prepaid cards, bank checking/saving accounts, PayPal, etc. are not acceptable.

The acceptable payment methods are mentioned here. If you like to add a different card to your account, please follow the steps shared in this guide.

Error: “Too many Credit Card attempts”

Solution: Contact your bank to verify if online banking is active and it is not under any restrictions.

It is possible that your account was put under restriction if you attempted to add a card too many times.

Solution: Please contact customer support via chat, email, or call, and they shall look into it for you.

Other Common Issues that could be faced while Activation

Error: "You cannot use a promo code"

Solution: A few possible solutions can be;
- Make sure there is no space before or after the promo code,
- Try to delete the cookies and cached images and files for your browser (set the time range to all-time),
- If you get the error “promo code doesn’t exist”, connect with us and we can check the promo code validity for you,
- Valid SIM activation promo codes end with "ACT". Make sure you are using a SIM activation promo code, and not a Starter Kit/SIM order promo code.

Error: While activation at any point even when the submitted information is correct

This can sometimes happen because of account dashboard issues.

Solution: Clear your cache OR try using Google’s Chrome browser.

Issue: The button grayed out

The button to take you to the next step is grayed out, that happens if you didn’t fill out all the required fields. If the button for the next step is still gray after filling out all the required fields, then try this:

Solution: Click anywhere else on the screen first, the button won’t be grayed out anymore and it will let you through.

Issue: New number not assigned or line not added on dashboard

You completed the activation process but the line isn’t visible on your dashboard.

Solution: Please contact customer support via chat, email, or call and they should be able to help look into it for you.

Error: Chat with us for help

Solution: If you get this error, or any such error on checkout, please reach out to us ASAP so we can look into it.

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