How do I name a phone line?

Muhammad Abubakar Awan Updated by Muhammad Abubakar Awan

If you have multiple phone lines in your account, you can assign them names and icons to make it easier to identify which line belongs to who. 

1. Sign in to your account. You'll find yourself at your account dashboard.

2. Click on the phone line you wish to make changes to.

3. Once on the line page, click the green pencil icon above the line information to modify the details.

4. Here you can enter the name, change the icon, and specify which device the line is registered with.

5. Click "Save Changes" to confirm the new updated information. That's all there is to it!

Feel free to contact support via chat, email (​, or call (​1-878-205-0088) if you have any further questions, or require any assistance.

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