What taxes and fees do I have to pay with US Mobile?

We are obligated to collect taxes & regulatory fees on your service on behalf of federal, state, and local governments. 

  1. For Phone and SIM Card orders, you'll be charged Sales Tax in accordance with state law.
  2. For your monthly plan, the various taxes are grouped together under the Recovery Fee
  3. The only other thing is the monthly Service Fee, which is $2 on both GSM 5G and Warp 5G (Previously Super LTE).

You'll see the total monthly cost inclusive of taxes and fees at checkout when you're activating your SIM Card or paying for service. 

US Mobile will never add any hidden fees to your bills. If you see a charge that you don’t understand, please reach out to support via chat, call (​1-878-205-0088), or email (help@usmobile.com).

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