I lost my SIM card

What to do if your SIM card is lost?

If your SIM card has been lost or damaged, just ask us for a free replacement. You can chat with us, call 1-878-205-0088 or email us at help@usmobile.com. You'll be asked to confirm your updated shipping address and a new SIM would be shipped out ASAP. You can also order a new SIM card from our website.

What to do if you accidentally delete your eSIM?

If you accidentally delete your eSIM, you can transfer your line to a new eSIM using the steps outlined below. Please ensure that Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is set up for your US Mobile account before following these steps. You can follow this guide to set it up.

  • Sign in to your US Mobile account via Browser
  • Go to the “Individual Lines” page and select the line you want to transfer
  • Then select “Transfer eSIM” and tap on “Start transfer”
  • It will show you a box to enter your IMEI 2. Grab the IMEI 2 from the device you're transferring the eSIM to, type that in, and tap “Continue”
  • Confirm that the IMEI number is entered correctly and hit “Complete”
  • Grab your device, follow the native device instructions to activate an eSIM, give it 1-5 minutes, and voila, your eSIM is all set to use!

What to do once you receive the SIM card?

Once you've received it, please do not attempt to activate the SIM yourself. Instead, get in touch once more and tell us the 19 or 20-digit SIM card number, which is printed on both the SIM and the jacket it comes in. We'll move your phone number over to the new SIM card along with the plan, all of this without any extra charges!

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