How do I use a promo code?

Welcome to US Mobile! We're really glad that you are trying us out.

Enter the promo code on the checkout page when ordering a starter kit or a plan. Promo codes are applied when:

Ordering a SIM, Starter kit, or phone

Or when activating a SIM card

Just remember to click on APPLY to make sure that the promo code is used.

If you need help just reach out to us via chat straight from that window. We're available to help 24/7!

Promo Codes vs Referral Codes: What's the difference?

Promo Codes are a combination of letters, and numbers, for you to get terrific discounts only applicable on activations.

Referral codes, however, are when you get a friend or family member to join US Mobile by offering them a unique referral code, which allows them to save up to $10 when activating their first SIM card with US Mobile.

Please note that promo codes can be used only once by the subscriber.

You can use this link to learn how to get your referral code.

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