How am I billed for calls and texts?

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    • Calls: Both Outgoing and incoming calls are billed by the minute on US Mobile.
      For example, if you speak on the phone for 20 seconds or 50 seconds, you will be billed for 1 minute. If the call duration goes over 60 seconds, it will be billed as 2 minutes, and so on. Calls that go to your voicemail are not considered billable.
    • Texts: For texts, you are billed for both incoming and outgoing text messages.
    Due to the limitations of the SMS technology, a text message exceeding 160 characters will be sent in parts of 153 characters each, with each part billed as one text message.
    • MMS messages: Both text and data plans are required for this service. For 1 MMS sent or received, you will be billed for 1 Text and a max of 1.2 MBs.
    • Group messages: Outgoing group messages are billed following the number of parties in the group i.e. if your group contains 6 people, and you send a message, each group member will receive the same message, and 6 texts will be deducted from your text plan.
    For group messages to function properly, an active data plan needs to be present.
    • Toll-free numbers: Calls to or from toll-free numbers (888 or 800 numbers) are also billed by the minute, the same as any other number. This is because our billing is not in dollars and cents but in minutes. We do not, however, charge any long-distance fee.

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