How to set up a Pooled Plan

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How to set up a shared data plan

Pooled Plans will be available for all our users in mid-April!
  1. First, you'll need to log into our app. Need to download our mobile apps?
  2. Go to All my pools.
    1. You'll see an introduction screen that gives you some basic info about how our shared data plans work.
    2. Choose how big of a pool you want, based on your data needs. We'll walk you through to help you choose the right size for you.
    3. If you've already got Super LTE lines with US Mobile, you can add them to your pool in the next step.
    4. Need free Starter Kits to bring your lines to US Mobile? We've got you covered.
    5. Finalize your purchase, and your pool is all set!

I don't have any Starter Kits yet

When you're setting up your pool, you can order up to 10 complimentary US Mobile SIM cards, completely for free!

Or order US Mobile Starter Kits anytime you want.

What lines are eligible for shared data plans?

  • Only Super LTE lines, our black US Mobile SIM cards, will work with pools.
  • Is your line on GSM LTE? Reach out to our product support team to port your line to Super LTE, and you'll be all set.

When does my pool cycle start?

  • Don't worry, the clock won't start ticking on your pool cycle until you add lines to your pool. That means you can buy your pool and add lines later.
  • Your pool cycle will last 30 days from the time when you put in your first line.

How can I add lines to my pool?

Add lines to your pool at any time.

  1. Press "Add a line." You have several options for how to do this.
    1. Choose an existing line on your account. Remember, only Super LTE lines work with Shared Data Plans. Keep in mind, if you choose an existing line on your account, it will join your pool immediately. You won't have access to your old individual plan for that line anymore. So make sure to only move it into your pool when you are ready.
    2. Get a new number. You'll need a black US Mobile SIM card.
    3. Transfer an existing number. You'll also need a black US Mobile SIM card to do this. Here, you'll have to enter your current carrier information so we can port in your number.

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