Does US Mobile support IOT?

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Yes, we do! US Mobile is proud to be one of the few carriers supporting the Internet of Things, aka IoT devices. Our unique combination of no-contract plans and the ability to choose from any combination of talk, text, and data plans make it perfect for all your device needs. So whether you have an alarm system, GPS tracker, smartwatch, or another connected device, you'll be able to find a home for it on US Mobile.

Furthermore, we offer bulk pricing discounts for our SIM cards, making it very cost-efficient to deploy IoT devices on a large scale with US Mobile. We even have a dedicated Alarm Page that talks more about how to use a US Mobile SIM for your alarm system. 

For most devices out there, our GSM LTE network is the one to use. Just make sure the device in question at least has Band 2 1900 Mhz for reception (we also have 3G and 4G, if your device can take advantage). Unlike many other carriers, US Mobile is committed to providing 2G service until 2020

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