How do I transfer my number to eSIM?

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These steps are only available for moving from one 5G phone to another 5G phone. For other types of transfers, please contact the support team. 

Moving your number from a Warp 5G Physical SIM to an eSIM with US Mobile is simple and quick. Please ensure the Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is set up for your US Mobile account before following the steps outlined below.  

  1. Sign in to your US Mobile account.
  2. Go to the “Individual Lines” page and select the line you want to transfer.
  3. Then select “Transfer eSIM” and tap on “Start transfer”.
  4. It will show you a box to enter your IMEI 2. Grab the IMEI 2 from the device you're transferring the eSIM to, type that in, and tap “Continue”
  5. Confirm that the IMEI number is entered correctly and hit “Complete”
  6. Grab your new device, follow the native device instructions to activate an eSIM, give it 1-5 minutes, and voila, your eSIM is all set to use!

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