Do unused minutes rollover?

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Base plans do not roll over but Top Ups do!

Unused base plans do not roll over

The base plan (the plan you start your month with) is valid for 30 days and unused balances from it will not roll over.

Top Ups do roll over

Unused minutes, texts, and data from Top Ups do roll over to your next billing cycle. The way they roll over depends on the network you are on.

How does top-up rollover work in GSM 5G

On the GSM 5G Network, minutes, texts, and data from Top Ups are valid for 30 days from the date they were added to your line, regardless of when the base plan ends. Keep in mind that you do need an active line (with a base plan) to have service and be able to use the unused minutes, texts, or data from Top Ups. 

How does top-up rollover work in Warp 5G

On Warp 5G, minutes, texts, and data from Top Ups roll over and have their remaining amount added to the next month's base plan, provided:

  • The next plan has been paid for in advance or you have AutoPay set up already.
  • The new plan or AutoPay includes a base plan of the same category as the Top Up.

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