How to understand usage in Pooled Plans

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Pooled Plans will be available for all our users in mid-April!

This article will walk you through how to interpret your pooled lines' usage history.

Terms we use for Pooled Plans

Base plan

The amount of data in gigabytes that your lines will share from

Top up

A one-time purchase in gigabytes that temporarily gives your lines more data


How much data is left in your pool

Usage or consumption

How much data your lines have used, either individually or collectively

What to look for in the apps

We'll show you a big chart that displays your lines' cumulative progress toward using up the data you've bought. You can hover over it to see how much data your lines used each day.

Next to that, we also show you a list of the lines that are using the most data. We want to make sure you can effectively manage your pool and talk to someone in your shared data plan if they're using up too much of the pool.

How real-time is the balance information?

We strive to make our balance and usage information as real-time as possible. We depend on a network partner for this data. What you see in our apps is typically one hour behind your lines' real world usage.

Sometimes, our network partner data gets delayed. We'll let you know if there are major delays. What it will mean for you is that we won't have accurate current information about your pool balance.

And rest assured, we won't take any steps like pausing 4G LTE data service for your shared data lines until we have all the right data.

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