eSIM Data Roaming Country APN Settings

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For most of our international eSIM plans, you won't have to worry about APN settings. They'll automatically update, and your plan will begin to work immediately.

However, in some cases, you may have to set up the APN settings manually for your eSIM data roaming plan.

Apple devices, the APN name should be set to globaldata for all countries. See the list below for country-specific settings for Android devices

For full eSIM activation instructions, click here.

Country APN for non Apple Devices
Albania globaldata
Anguilla altanwifi
Antigua and Barbuda altanwifi
Argentina tn1
Armenia  internet
Aruba altanwifi
Australia globaldata, mobile
Austria globaldata
Azerbaijan globaldata
Bahamas altanwifi
Bangladesh globaldata, mobile
Barbados altanwifi
Belarus globaldata
Belgium globaldata
Benin globaldata
Bolivia altanwifi
Bosnia and Herzegovina globaldata
Botswana rh
Brazil altanwifi
British Virgin Islands altanwifi
Brunei globaldata
Bulgaria globaldata, internet
Cambodia globaldata
Cameroon rh
Canada altanwifi
Cayman Islands altanwifi
Chad  mobile
Chile altanwifi
China globaldata, mobile
Colombia altanwifi
Costa Rica altanwifi
Croatia globaldata
Curacao altanwifi
Cyprus  rh
Czech Republic globaldata, internet
Democratic Republic of the Congo  mobile
Denmark globaldata
Dominica altanwifi
Dominican Republic altanwifi
Ecuador altanwifi
Egypt rh
El Salvador altanwifi
Estonia globaldata
Finland globaldata
France rh
Gabon  mobile
Georgia  plus/internet
Germany rh
Ghana globaldata
Greece globaldata, internet
Grenada altanwifi
Guadeloupe altanwifi
Guatemala altanwifi
Guinea rh
Guinea-Bissau rh
Haiti altanwifi
Honduras altanwifi
Hong Kong globaldata, mobile
Hungary rh
Iceland globaldata
India globaldata, mobile
Indonesia globaldata, mobile
Ireland globaldata
Israel  plus/internet
Italy globaldata, internet
Ivory Coast globaldata
Jamaica altanwifi
Japan globaldata, mobile
Jordan internet
Kazakhstan  plus/internet
Kenya mobile
Kuwait internet 
Laos globaldata, mobile
Latvia globaldata
Liberia rh
Liechtenstein globaldata, internet
Lithuania globaldata
Luxembourg globaldata, internet
Macedonia globaldata
Madagascar  mobile
Malaysia globaldata, mobile
Malta globaldata, internet
Martinique altanwifi
Mexico altanwifi
Moldova rh
Monaco rh
Mongolia globaldata
Montenegro globaldata, internet
Montserrat altanwifi
Mozambique rh
Myanmar globaldata, mobile
Nauru globaldata, mobile
Nepal globaldata
Netherlands rh
New Zealand globaldata, mobile
Nicaragua altanwifi
Niger mobile
Nigeria rh
Norway globaldata
Oman globaldata
Pakistan internet
Palestine plus/internet
Panama altanwifi
Papua New Guinea globaldata, mobile
Paraguay altanwifi
Peru altanwifi
Philippines globaldata, mobile
Poland rh
Portugal rh
Qatar globaldata
Romania rh
Russia  mobile
Rwanda globaldata
Saint Kitts and Nevis altanwifi
Saint Lucia altanwifi
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines altanwifi
Samoa rh
Saudi Arabia globaldata
Serbia internet
Singapore globaldata, mobile
Slovakia rh
Slovenia globaldata, internet
South Africa globaldata
South Korea globaldata, mobile
Spain globaldata
Sri Lanka internet
Sweden globaldata
Switzerland globaldata, internet
Taiwan globaldata, mobile
Tajikistan internet
Tanzania mobile
Thailand globaldata, mobile
Tonga globaldata, mobile
Trinidad and Tobago altanwifi
Tunisia internet
Turkey Kroly
Turks and Caicos Islands altanwifi
Uganda rh
Ukraine rh
United Arab Emirates globaldata, mobile
United Kingdom globaldata
United States altanwifi
Uruguay altanwifi
Uzbekistan plus/internet
Venezuela altanwifi
Vietnam globaldata, mobile
Zambia mobile

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Updating eSIM APN Settings