Can I make international calls?

You can receive international calls so long as you have a talk plan, but the ability to call international numbers is still under development. Additionally, our GSM LTE network does let you either se…

Updated 5 months ago

Can I use my phone when traveling internationally?

As long as your phone is eSIM compatible, you can get 4G LTE data as soon as you land at your next destination. With US Mobile, you get up to 10GB of free high speed 4G LTE data abroad. If you need m…

Updated 5 months ago

List of eSIM compatible devices

Apple. iPhone 12. iPhone 12 Mini. iPhone 12 Pro. iPhone 12 Pro Max. iPhone 11. iPhone 11 Pro. iPhone 11 Pro Max. iPhone XS (Sold in China, Macau, and Hong Kong are not eSIM compatible). iPhone XS Max…

Mushfiq Rahman
Updated 5 months ago by Mushfiq Rahman

Step-by-step installation guide for eSIM

Detailed instructions for adding and activating your eSIM. Important details: Your device must be eSIM compatible and unlocked. See the list of compatible devices here. Please do not delete or remove…

Mushfiq Rahman
Updated 5 months ago by Mushfiq Rahman

eSIM Data Roaming Country APN Settings

For most of our international eSIM plans, you won't have to worry about APN settings. They'll automatically update and your plan will begin to work immediately. However, for some, you will have to ma…

Linus Lu
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