SIM Activation

Can I decide which phone number I get?

You can now choose a phone number of your liking when activating a new line. After entering your ZIP code, you will see a list of 3 numbers to choose from. You can refresh the list up to 6 times. You…

Muhammad Abubakar Awan
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How can I keep my number?

When you're switching carriers, you can take your number with you from the old carrier to the new one. That process is called 'porting your number'. Porting your number from another carrier to US Mob…

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How do I activate my SIM card?

You've ordered your Starter Kit. Now it's time to activate your SIM card. It only takes 2-3 minutes. We'll walk you through each step in the video and written instructions below.. Steps to activate y…

Muhammad Abubakar Awan
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How to transfer your number from one carrier to another

This article will help you in finding the Account Number and PIN needed for porting out from many major carriers operating in the US. Before you begin the activation process for transferring your num…

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I cannot activate my SIM

Sometimes while activating your SIM or trying to use it on your device, you may encounter some errors that can be easily fixed by going through this guide. Below, you will find the possible solutions…

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I lost my SIM card

What to do if your SIM card is lost?. If your SIM card has been lost or damaged, just ask us for a free replacement. You can chat with us, call 1-878-205-0088 or email us at You'll…


I need to update the information on my port request

Port-in of landline or VoIP phone number takes 7-10 business days. Port-in of most wireless numbers can take around 24 - 48 hours, depending on how quickly the previous carrier releases the line. If…

Mushfiq Rahman
Updated by Mushfiq Rahman