I cannot use SIM on my device

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Once you have activated your SIM, you should put the SIM Card into an unlocked and compatible phone, and restart the phone. In most cases, your phone should start working immediately. If it does not here are some troubleshooting tips for the most common errors.

“SIM Card not inserted” or “No SIM Card” errors

The SIM card was not properly inserted into the phone.

Solution: Please check the manual for the phone and make sure that the sim card is inserted in the phone properly.

Wrong SIM Card inserted

The wrong SIM card was inserted into the phone. Sometimes the black Super LTE SIM Card is inserted into the phone when the white GSM LTE SIM card was activated; and vice versa.

Solution: Please remove the sim card and make sure the activated sim card is the one which is inserted in the phone.

“SIM not supported” / “Invalid SIM card” / "Network locked-emergency calls only" errors

This most likely means that the device is locked and cannot be used with our network.

Solution: Contact your point of purchase or the prior carrier it was working on to get the device unlocked.

“iPhone not activated” error

You are trying to use a newly activated SIM on an iPhone.

Solution: Connect with Internet using Wi-Fi and restart the phone OR Connect iPhone to iTunes with a USB cable (Computer should be connected with Internet).

If the issue persists, please contact customer service.

“SIM card is not from Verizon” error

  • It means that the device is locked and needs to be unlocked.
Solution: It can be dismissed by just swiping it or you will need to put in the unlocking code. Contact your point of purchase or the prior carrier it was working on to get the device unlocked or get the unlocking code.
  • The phone has been unlocked from Verizon, but the correct APN settings haven't been set, so the device can't connect to the network properly.
Solution: Please check that your APN settings are correct by following this Guide for GSM LTE and this Guide for Super LTE.

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