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Do we provide usage(SMS) alerts?

Yes. We have a feature of SMS notifications on Admin Portal which can be enabled or disabled from Admin Portal. We can enable that feature for the customer to get usage alerts.

SMS Notifications are offered on both our networks.

What alerts/notifications do we send?

  1. We send usage alerts when customers have used up 90% of a bucket (Mins, Calls or Data bucket).
  2. We send alerts when the customer's line is closer to the expiration date and they don't have their AutoPay turned on.
  3. We send alerts when AutoPay fails due to any reason.
We use 878-205-0088 for alerts and SMS top-ups.

How to enable or disable the SMS notifications?

They're automatically enabled but we can check and activate them if they are not by going to Admin Portal > Subscriber Page > SIM Card Page and click on "Enable SMS" in front of SMS notification to get the SMS alerts.

How to enable or disable the Usage Alerts?

  1. Ask customers for their MDN, along with all basic verification checks (email, shipping address, and last four digits of credit card).
  2. Open their SIM link, and toggle, 'Enable Usage Alert' (If not done already) and vice versa.
  3. Let the customers know that their usage alert notifications are now active, and if they don't receive such notifications, they can reach out to us.
Not all customers would want usage alert notification, therefore, you should only enable usage alert upon request and after verification.

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