SIM_Features Guide: Super LTE (Post-Paid)

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Post-Paid is applicable to all our Super LTE Unlimited Lines

Change Data speed to


  • Turn on DYN_PFO_UNLMT


  • Turn on DYN_PFO_5_MBPS_4G

Turn off - Remove from subscribed list

Turn on - Add to subscribed list

All Other features are the same as in Pre-Paid Features Guide (e.g. hotspot) and you can check how to enable / disable them in Pre-Paid Features Guide

Default Features

100GB Data Usage Threshold


Throttle speed - after user reached usage threshold - 1 Mbps

This is not a speed cap. It is the speed to which the subscriber will be throttled to after they use up 100GB of data.


hotspot limit - 20GB


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