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If the customer loses the SIM Card and requests to cancel his line for that reason, recommend a SIM Swap and send a new Complimentary Replacement SIM Card. If the customer insists on closing the line temporarily, please follow this guide.

Don't forget to tell the customers that their number will be lost after 60 days of inactivity so they need to reach out to us within 60 days after service cancelation so we can restore their lines after service cancelation and perform a SIM Swap
SIM swap is transferring a specific phone number from a current, activated SIM to a new, not activated SIM. Customers do NOT need to port out or go through the activation process.
 If NeverSIMSwap Feature is enabled (you see EXTRA SECURITY flag), along with protocol below, please do OTP per SMS verification. Additional Verification will be done by Tier 3 -> please escalate after you followed current protocol before processing SIM Swap.
  1. Customer requests SIM Swap per Chat
    Verification for SIM Swap should be done ONLY via chat - customer should be logged in (through app is preferable - please ask them to use app)
    Please always ask customers to chat from app
  2. Mandatory: PSS goes to Flow plugin on Front and checks the location of customer: city and country should be the same as in billing/shipping address
  3. PSS asks customer current SIM Card number and new SIM Card number received and checks if MDN is active. In case if customer’s line is hotlined -> PSS follows these instructions
  4. PSS responds to customer and sends OTP from SIM PROFILE in admin by clicking "OTP: send by email" and then OK (PSS doesn't have to write the whole email and invent 6 digits number - It is done automatically)
  5. Customer reaches out back with OTP details
  6. PSS checks network for SIM card

    Super LTE: click on Verizon -> Change Sim Card and fill in the info (OTP, Old ICCID = current ICCID with the active number, New ICCID = new SIM card received by the customer)

    GSM: click on Sim Card -> Swap ESN and fill in the info (OTP, current MDN, new ESN - sim card number)
  7. PSS lets customer know that SIM Swap was processed
    Apply canned response "SIM Swap Confirmation with Renewal Prompt", if line needs to be restored
    Apply canned response "SIM Swap Confirmation" in other cases
  8. Please leave a comment on both new and old SIM Card pages and Subscriber profile's page. Here's the template:
    Request: SIM Swap
    [Old ICCID] swapped to [new ICCID]
    Verification: Front Link

For Super LTE the page won't automatically refresh and redirect to the new SIM like it does for GSM LTE, so you'll have to open the new SIM page manually to see the results of your SIM swap.

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