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Customer Requests

For SIM Orders, customers will generally reach out to us with queries such as:

1. Address Verification - We ask for verifications if we find any issues with the shipping address.

2. Order Cancellation

3. Order Tracking

4. Forgot using the FREESIM Promo

Address Verification

  1. Thank the customer for getting back to us with an update. 
  2. Mention @Logistics in comments alongside a summary and updated Address.
  3. Add tags Logistics & O_Request_Address Update.

SIM Order Cancellation

When a customer requests to cancel a SIM order, you need to first check if it's a paid order or if it's free. If it is a free order, just let the Logistics Team know and they will cancel it. If it is a paid order, then you need to file the "SIM Cancellation & Refund Requests" card on Pipefy. This pipe is specifically for refunds on sim orders which haven’t been shipped.

All paid SIM orders need to be subsequently refunded as well.
Please leave comments on Admin Portal when filing SIM Requests or SIM Cancellations.
CASE 1: Free Order $0
  1. If Logistics team member present: Ask them to cancel the order in Ship Station.
    If Logistics team member not present: DM them to cancel the order in Ship Station. 
    No need to fill the SIM Cancellation Form in Pipefy for FREE orders.
  2. Add tags Logistics & O_Request_SIM Cancellation.
CASE 2: Paid Order
  1. If Logistics team member present: Ask them to cancel the order in ShipStation.
    If Logistics team member not present: DM them to cancel the order in ShipStation.
  2. Fill out the SIM Cancellation & Refund Pipefy form so a refund could be logged.
  3. Make a comment for Sim cancellation & Refund on the Admin Portal profile.
  4. Add tags: Logistics & O_Request_SIM Cancellation.
CASE 3: Change order quantity
  1. Reach out to a Logistics member to change the quantity of order (For example: Customer accidentally placed an order for 3 starter kits and only wants 2)
  2. Fill out the SIM Cancellation & Refund Pipefy form so a refund could be logged. In this case the refund would be partial. (For example: refund for 1 starter kit only)
  3. Make a comment Admin Portal subscriber profile and order page. (For example: Order Number #111, Quantity changed to 2 starter kits, refund logged)
  4. Add tags: Logistics & O_Request_SIM Cancellation.

Order Tracking

We’re now showing shipment/delivery information we get from couriers on individual order pages in Admin Portal
This delivery info will be shown for orders that are actually shipped to our customers.

  • “Shipping Address”: this is the address the order is being shipped to.
  • “Status”: this is the exact shipment status info we get from our partner couriers.
  • The time written in this section is in the shipment’s local time (not necessarily in ET time zone)
  • “Shipped On”: ship date. It’s in Eastern Time zone (ET).
  • “Estimated Delivery On”: expected delivery date. It’s in Eastern Time zone (ET).
  • “Delivered On”: date that the order was delivered. It’s in Eastern Time zone (ET).
  • “Shipment Type”: shipment option the order was delivered by (shows the courier’s name too)
  • “Tracking”: tracking number. This number is also clickable, which leads the user to the courier’s tracking page upon clicking.

If a shipment is not recorded, the section will say “No Delivery Information” but will still give the “Shipping Address”.

Another option: please go to the Admin Portal -> Orders -> View All Orders -> Remove 'New' and 'On Hold' filter from the statuses tab and then search for the Order Number from the First Tab, as seen below:

Once the order shows up as seen below, copy the tracking number from the 3rd tab and search it on Google to see its status.

In case, the customer does not have an order number, PSS should ask for the order date and the customer's registered email address -> check the orders placed by the customer on their subscriber's page on the Admin Portal. The recent PRODUCT order should be the one placed by the customer.

You can share the tracking link with the Customer. 
If you cannot find the tracking, please contact any Logistics team member who is available.
Orders placed after the 4 pm cut off time on Friday and over the weekend are dispatched on Monday hence the tracking details will not be available until Monday.

How to check the ICCID/SIM Card Number shipped with the Order?

Open the Order page on Admin Portal -> Scroll Down on the Left Hand Side -> ESN List -> Click on the number

PSS can share the SIM Card Number after complete verification in rare cases only. In case, the SIM card numbers do not show up, please contact any Logistics member.
The ICCID/SIM Card Number shows up on the order page on Admin Portal after data is uploaded by the Logistics Team.

FREESIM Promo Code

Any new customer can use the FREESIM promo code, to get 1 free SIM/Starter Kit. We always allow the customers to use the FREESIM promo code on their first purchase. The FREESIM promo code can only be used once per account.

If a customer forgets to apply the FREESIM promo code:

  1. Ensure by going over to their subscriber profile that it is indeed their first FREESIM purchase. 
  2. If that is not the case: Ask them to purchase the SIM as the FREESIM promo code may only be applied once on one account. 
    If it is their first purchase and they forgot to apply the promo code: Offer them a discount of $5 on their bill for the first month after activation.
The goal is to try to avoid filing a refund. If the customer insists on getting a refund, go ahead and file a basic refund for the amount.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Logistics Team.
PSS can also refer to the Logistics 101 document here.

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