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SIM Cleaning

Helpful canned responses
SIM Cleaning - Use this to notify the customer once the SIM Card has been cleaned
Only Super LTE SIMs can be cleaned and reused. GSM SIMs cannot be cleaned except when cancelling a port-in request on a GSM SIM card. One needs to buy a new SIM to add a new number. 

A Super LTE SIM Card is cleaned so that it can be reused by a subscriber. They can either Port in an existing number on the SIM card after getting it cleaned or they can activate a new number on it as well.

A SIM Card is essentially “renewed” after it is cleaned. “Cleaning” means that the current number (and any stored information like contacts) is removed, and the SIM ownership is also made null and void. Therefore, the SIM is ready to be used by anyone, just like a new SIM.

Anyone can use this SIM now to activate with a new number or to port in a different number from another carrier.

Note that this process is irreversible and you should exercise extreme caution while requesting it

How to carry out SIM Cleaning process:

Always tell the customer that this process is irreversible and the customer would lose the number after SIM Cleaning and we won't be able to retrieve it from our end
  1. Ask the subscriber why they want the SIM cleaned.
  2. Please do complete verification including the customer's full name, registered email, shipping/billing address, and last 4 digits of credit card number.
    If the customer is sending the request with his/her registered email -> then don't expect the customer to tell their name as it is shown on the account, because sometimes customers could use different name variations when they create an account (e.g. only first name and not a full name). Shipping address and 4 last digits of cc are enough.
    If the customer requests for a SIM Cleaning with an active number on the SIM and they are either Visitor or logged in to any other account on which the SIM that needs to be cleaned is not present, please ask the customer to log in from the relevant/related account and then continue the chat. If they are unable to log in from the correct account for some reason, please proceed with complete verification of all the details which are present on the account on which the SIM is present.
  3. Send an SMS OTP to the Subscriber by texting them.
  4. You should send an SMS from SMS folder on Front using canned response “OTP SMS”. Make sure to create 6 digits OTP (except for 123456 or 000000 or 1111111 and the OTP should be the random numbers so that it shouldn't be easily guessed).
  5. You should put the OTP number on the Subscriber profile page comment section, and put a note on the Front initial thread as well, stating that OTP was sent and OTP number is XXXXXX.
  6. Customer will have to share the OTP with you. It should be the same OTP which you sent in SMS.
  7. If the customer does not have a text plan or is unable to receive OTP on SMS due to any reason then you should proceed with sending an OTP via email through the subscriber page which can be found under the "Email" section.
  8. Customer will have to share the OTP with you. It should be the same OTP which you sent in Email.
  9. Once the subscriber confirms the OTP, go to the SIM page on AP, and follow these instructions:
    1. Disable Auto Pay
    2. Cancel all Plans
    3. Hit the Deactivate Button under Verizon Actions
    4. Change Status from Suspended to New
    5. Unlink the ICCID from the Subscribers Page
    6. Manually Override the ICCID from the Port Request if it has a prior Port Request.
  10. Once the SIM is cleaned, notify the subscriber, and add notes in the comments section on the SIM and Subscriber Page.
  11. Please always leave a comment in the following format:
    Request: SIM Cleaning
    [ICCID] cleaned.
    Verification: Front Link

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