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Helpful Canned Responses: "Usage Report Uploaded"
DO NOT SHARE USAGE REPORTS IN ANY OTHER WAY THAN THE ONE SPECIFIED: This is considered sensitive information and should not be shared over chat, email, or text.
Avoid the work of sharing usage reports: AVOID giving USAGE REPORTS -> just GIVE free mins, texts etc.
Customers will see 4 last digits of incoming and outgoing calls and texts

Usage Report Protocol

We've enabled usage logs for all Supervisors:

If you do not have permissions for Usage Reports -> escalate to Tier 2.
  1. ALWAYS DO proper verification.
  2. Simply go to a SIM page (Verizon or T-Mobile) and Scroll down on the left-hand bar to the "Records" box and select "Usage logs." 
  3. The page allows you to filter by date and export a CSV.  It includes information about the type of usage, time event occurred, quantity of usage and direction (O=outgoing, I=incoming).
Tiny numbers for data: If you see very small numbers in data, keep in mind the unit is megabytes so you might see things like 0.001

Steps to share the Usage Log with user:
  1. Go to the SIM page, that the user would like the usage report for.
  2. Click on Usage Logs.
  3. Select the Start and End dates.
  4. Download the CSV and convert it to PDF.
    1. Right-click on the file. 
    2. Click rename.
    3. Change .csv to .pdf in the file name.
  5. Go back to the SIM page.
  6. Click on ADD under Records.
  7. Enter the Start and End dates for records. 
  8. Attach the PDF.
  9. Click on Upload.
    Data sessions can be different durations from 1 second up to many hours. we are only showing the start time of those data sessions.
  10. Leave comments on the SIM page:
    Make sure to add comments using exactly the same structure you see below
    Request: Usage Report
    Verification: Front link
How customers can access Records after they've been added:
  1. Sign in to
  2. Click on settings.
  3. On the right-hand side there will now be a Records History Tab.
  4. The uploaded file should be available there.
If the user is not able to see it:

Ask the customer to ->

  • Refresh their page or the browser.
  • Sign out and sign back into

If a user mentions that they don't have enough info in the usage report please let the user know:

“We are an MVNO and thus our usage records may not be as detailed as what you might find with the underlying carrier. We are giving you all of the information that we have available.”
“Super LTE network only includes the “other number” for incoming texts”.

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