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If a customer asks about how to get the Family plan perks, then follow the steps mentioned below:
  1. Copy the email address of the customer and search for Subscriber page of customer on Admin Portal (AP) or use our plugin on Front.
  2. Look at the number of lines customer has in his/her account.
  3. Open each line individually in separate browser tabs.
  4. Sync each line.
  5. Check the plans on each line, to see if they are on Unlimited All plan or not.
  6. Make sure AutoPay is ON on all the lines (which are qualifying for Family plan).
  7. After making these checks, if the customer qualifies for perks, then:
    1. Inform customer that he/she needs to send the payment receipt/invoice to us at each month in order to receive the service credit/discount from us.
    Send the canned response "Perks Intro- Chats" to the customer.
    2. Make sure that the customer understands that he/she needs to purchase the perks by himself first to get service credit from us.
    Send canned response "Procedure for Perks' to explain the procedure of getting perks to the customer.
    3. Inform customer that he needs to have at least 3 lines on Unlimited All plan with AutoPay feature ON (otherwise they are not eligible for the perks).
  8. Once we get email with all info needed and the customer turns out to be eligible for perk, then apply the perk discount:
    Consult TLs or forward the case to TLs. They will apply perk promo code or will provide service credit on a line.
On 1 line with Unlimited All plan, there is no perk or family discount given.
On 2nd line with Unlimited All plan, there is no perk, but family discounts apply and the customer will be charged $30 per line instead of $45
















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