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Request your free VPN

We offer a promo code to customers to get a 20 GB /month Free VPN service for life on Windscribe.

If any customer reaches out to you to request a free VPN or to enquire about how to request their free VPN if the "Request your free VPN" button doesn't work on, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Ask the customer for the registered Email ID and verify the Email ID on the subscriber’s profile
  2. Go to this sheet
  3. Write down the customer’s Email ID in the “User Email Address” column as shown below
  4. Once you enter the customer’s Email ID as shown above in the “B” column, please check if the third column shows a value of “1” or more. If it shows a value of more than 1, (as shown in the picture below) then don’t share the promo code with the customer because the customer has already used one promo code on the same email ID and delete that email ID from that cell for the promo code to be used by other customers.
  5. If the third column shows a value of 1(as shown below), share the promo code in the first column with the customer and ask the customers to go to and signup using the shared promo code to get 20 GB of free VPN
NOTE: Please make sure to enter the Email ID to confirm that the Promo code has been used if you give it to the customer since any Promo code can be used only once.
If you have any questions please reach out to Vishal or Mush

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