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How to manually activate AutoPay

Reasons for manually activating AutoPay for customers:

  1. When customer is unable to turn Auto Pay on or off on their end and is frustrated.
  2. When customer is unable to find any options or to get it turned ON/OFF.
  3. When customer’s dashboard is not working at all and he/she is unable to make changes from their end


  1. Do proper verification of customer.
  2. Confirm from the customer about the plan which he wants to add on Auto Pay.
  3. Tell the customer the amount which will be charged by Auto Pay and when.
  4. Proceed only when the customer acknowledges the above mentioned details.
  5. On the SIM page, click on "Enable Auto Pay".
  6. Auto Pay plan selection box will pop up, select the plan which customer wants from here.
  7. It will show the price which will be charged to the customer on Auto Pay for plan renewal in the "Amount Charged" field.
  8. After confirmation, acknowledgements and verifications from the customers, submit the plan.
  9. The plan will be saved on Auto Pay, and it will be turned On now.

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