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There are 2 ways to give customer SIMs for free:

  1. Promo codes
  2. SIM Requests on Pipefy
Don't escalate until needed.

There are 3 types of SIM Requests on Pipefy:

1) Reshipment

Log Reshipment SIM Request:

  1. If a customer doesn’t receive their original order in the promised time frame. 
  2. If the transit time exceeds the promised time period.
  3. If the customer wishes to change the address on a SIM order after it has been shipped.
  4. If the tracking Id shows that the order has been delivered but the customer claims they haven’t received it.
  5. The customer receives incorrect or incomplete order, for example, they may have ordered a Super LTE SIM card and got a GSM one instead, or ordered two SIM cards and claim to have only received one SIM.
Check the tracking number on FedEx or USPS website to see whether orders have been shipped or not or only a label has been created. You can refer to this article as well.
If the order was shipped, log a reshipment. Use the same order number for which the reshipment is being filed and leave comments on Admin Portal.
If the order was not shipped then escalate to logistics and mention @logistics in the comments.

2) Complimentary

Log Complimentary SIM requests if:

  1. A customer is unable to order through a website due to any reason; could be due to any glitch or the fact that they are having a hard time navigating the website.
  2. The customer wants to port a number to US Mobile.
  3. It is an internal port.
  4. The customer lost their SIM card.
  5. The customer request a new SIM card due to reasons not covered under the Reshipment and SIM Swap criteria.
  6. The Customer expresses intent to activate a new number for which they need a new SIM card.

3) SIM Swap OR Replacement SIM Request 

Log Replacement SIM Request if:

  1. SIM Card is damaged.
  2. SIM Card not working due to unknown reason.
  3. The Customer’s SIM is PUK locked ( only valid in case of Super LTE SIM).

You can log SIM Requests on behalf of the customer. A card will be created -> Logistics Team will approve and create the order.
If the customer got the SIM card from other sources (e.g. website), You will still need to perform the SIM Swap.
You can refer to this document, or you can always discuss issues with the Logistics Team.

Logging SIM Requests on Pipefy

SIM Request
  1. Customer Name:
    Type the name of the customer for whom the sim request is being filed for as it is on their account. 
    If a customer requests the sim to be shipped to a different address and the person receiving at that address is not the customer, then type the receiver’s name.
    If the customer name on their account is fictitious or that of a business/company, then verify the name of the individual who will be receiving it and type their name.
  2. Requested Network:

Choose the appropriate sim type: Starter Kit, Super LTE, GSM.

  1. Sim Request Type & Issues:

Choose the appropriate sim request type: Reshipment RE, Complimentary CO, Sim Swap SS along with the appropriate reason for filing the SIM Request.

If filing a RE (reshipment), you will be prompted to enter the date of the original order which needs to be reshipped.

  1. PSS Remark

Summarize the reason for filing the SIM Request

  1. Number of SIMs

Type in the number of sim card(s) which need to be sent.

If sending one starter kit, you only need to type ‘1’, not ‘2’. 1 starter kit denotes 2 separate sim cards. 

  1. Subscriber Link
    Copy and paste the subscriber profile link from admin portal here
  2. Customer Email
    Copy and paste the customer’s email from the admin portal
    In case the customer has provided a different email address on email or chat, PSS can enter that.

  1. Order Number
    Order number for the SIM request can be obtained from going on the subscriber profile. The order number which you will have to use should be of a PRODUCT order (go to SIM order labelled PRODUCT > view > copy link).
    SIM or Phone Order is always a PRODUCT order on the Subscriber's Page
    For Reshipments RE, use the order number of the order for which the reshipment is being filed.
    For Complementary CO and Sim Swap SS you can use the order number of any PRODUCT order. If there are more than one PRODUCT order, then choose the most recent one.

If any PRODUCT order number does not exist on the subscriber profile, then use the Front conversation ID of the conversation in which the need for filing a sim request was determined. The conversation ID would be something like: cnv_8mx0mxf , cnv_8o1kzdf. Copy Front Conversation ID as seen below.

Front Conversation ID

  1. Front Link

Copy the Front conversation link from the same drop down menu of the chat/email/call on front and paste it here.

Don’t copy the URL if using Front on the browser. Copy Front conversation link as mentioned above.

  1. PSS email

Mention email of the PSS who is filling the request

  1. Shipping Method

Choose whether to ship via USPS, FedEx 2-Day or Overnight.

If choosing Overnight you will be prompted to check the mark “Did you consult the logistics team?”

PSS needs to consult the logistics team before filing an overnight SIM request.
  1. Company Name
    If being shipped to a business address, then usually there is the name of the business/company/office which precedes the address.
    Type in that name here
  2. Address Line 1
    Type in the first line of the address.
  3. Address Line 2 
    Usually contains an apartment number, suite number, Lot number.
    If there is no such number in the second line, you can proceed without typing anything there and leave it blank.
  4. After all the above fields have been filled click on Create new card.
After the sim request is filed, make a comment on the subscriber profile stating the sim request type and mention the order number used for the request so if any other PSS needs to track the shipment, they will know which order number to use. 
Before filing a sim request, always confirm the address with the customer as well.
Inform the customer that the shipment will reach in 2-3 business days if FedEx and 4-6 business days if USPS
We do NOT ship on the weekend. Orders are shipped out on a business day.

Logging SIM Cancellation & Refund Requests on Pipefy

SIM Cancellation & Refund Requests are filed when a customer requests an order to be cancelled due to any reason, and the order is a paid one. All paid SIM orders need to be subsequently refunded as well. 
This pipe is specifically for refunds on SIM orders which haven’t been shipped. For $0 SIM orders we no longer file SIM Cancellation & Refund Requests. In order to cancel $0 orders, only inform the logistics team to do so.

  1. Refund needed?
    Always checkmark “Refund Needed”
    As we will only use this Pipe for paid orders 
  2. Refund Amount
    Enter the amount of the order which needs to be refunded
    In some cases, if a customer ordered two sim/starter kits and wishes to remove one from the order and be refunded for it. Then calculate the cost of one sim/starter kit and mention that. In this case, do mention below in the request that only one sim/starter kit needs to be refunded and removed from the order.
  3. Customer Name
    Type the name of the customer for whom the sim request is being filed for as it is on their account. 
  4. Subscriber Link
    Copy the URL from the Admin Portal of the subscriber profile and paste it here
  5. Customer Email
    Copy the customer’s email from their subscriber page and paste it here
  6. Order Number
    Use the order number of the order which has to be cancelled and refunded.
  7. Order Date
    The date on which the order was placed as per the order page on Admin Portal.

  1. Reason for cancellation

Choose from the options available whichever reason is valid for cancellation.

If no reason is valid, then select “Other” and summarize in “PSS Remark” below.

  1. PSS Remark

Summarize the reason for cancellation

Add any additional remark or points (if needed)

  1. Front Link
    Copy the Front conversation link from the same drop-down menu of the chat/email/call on front and paste it here.
  2. PSS Email

Mention your PSS Email ID.

  1. Put a comment in the admin portal?

This is basically a reminder for you to make a comment in the admin portal.

Make a comment in admin and then Checkmark it “Yes”.

  1. After all the above fields have been filled click on Create new card.

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