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How can you add an eSIM for a customer?

Please make sure the customer has an unlimited all plan, or an unlimited bundle for every complimentary eSIM that is shared.

Through the AP, you can give our subscribers eSIMs with international data plans. One thing which is different about these plans than our normal domestic SIM plans is that these are all one-off things. They don't renew. A plan will activate automatically when the phone is in the international location. When the phone connects to the international network, the plan activates. Each plan lasts 30 days from when it is activated. An eSIM can have as many plans on it as someone wants – think about it like adding a lot of top ups.

  1. To give someone an eSIM, go to their subscriber profile and press Add line under eSIM.
  2. You'll see this form that lets you give them the right plan based on what they're asking for.
  3. When you name the line, use the name of the country they are traveling to. If they are traveling to multiple places, put in the name of the plan (location wise).
  4. Once you submit that form, a couple things will happen. 
    1. On the backend, the system will choose an appropriate eSIM from our new eSIM inventory and it will assign it to the subscriber. 
    2. The right plan will be assigned on the backend. 
    3. Lastly, we'll send the subscriber two emails: 
      1. one including the QR code, which they need to scan with their phone to add the eSIM to it.
      2. And another email that's just an order confirmation Email.
  5. To see a list of our entire eSIM inventory, as well as what eSIMs have been allocated to subscribers, go to AP->eSIM->List.
  6. To see which eSIM lines a subscriber has, go to their subscriber profile and look at the eSIMs section.

How can you add more data to an eSIM?

 Adding an additional plan to an existing eSIM:

  1. Say you've given someone an eSIM, but they want an additional eSIM plan. In that case, navigate to their specific eSIM and press the Add plan button.
  2. You'll see this form, similar to the Add line form above. The main difference here is that we're not giving someone a new eSIM – just a new plan on their existing eSIM. So when you submit this, the subscriber will get an order confirmation email, but no QR code email cause there's no new eSIM.

One thing to know is that eSIMs have something called IMSI profiles that refer to what international networks the eSIM is able to access. Our eSIMs have three different profiles: 2, 7 and 10. On the backend, we've configured our plans to go with the cost-optimal IMSI profiles on eSIMs. 

For example, when you're assigning an Euro 1 plan to an eSIM the backend automatically assigns that plan to a profile 7 eSIM, because costs for data for most of Europe through this profile are the best for us. 

Possible issues

Plans can only be added to eSIMs with the matching IMSI profile. If you try to add a plan of a non-matching profile to an eSIM, you'll get an error – the Admin Portal won't let you do it.

Using the example - if you tried adding an Asia plan to a profile 7 SIM, the admin portal will not let you do it. 

-> Solution

Go through the Add line flow to give someone a new eSIM – that new one will have the correct profile you need.

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