Proper Verification

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  1. Customer should always confirm full name, email, shipping / billing address and 4 last digits of cc
    If customer is sending request with his / her registered email -> don't expect customer to give name as it is in account, because sometimes customers could use different name variations when they create account (e.g. only first name and not a full name). Shipping address and 4 last digits of cc are enough
Scenario 1: customer is facing SMS messages issues and customer asked for troubleshooting or customer does not have text in the plan
Verification in this Scenario should be done ONLY via chat - customer should be logged in (through app is preferable - please ask them to use app)
  1. Mandatory: PSS goes to Flow plugin on Front and checks the location of customer: city and country should be the same as in billing/shipping address
  2. PSS skips SMS OTP and asks additional security question 1:
    1) “When was your account created? When did you order your Starter Kit?” OR “When was your line activated? When did you buy your first plan?”
    PSS skips SMS OTP and asks additional security question 2:
    2) "When was your last charge?" OR "What was your Base Plan?"
    Do NOT expect customers to give exact date, month and year or season and year (e.g. spring 2020) should work.
  3. Customer answers correctly at least 1 of 2 questions.
Scenario 2: customer can successfully receive SMS OTP.
  1. PSS sends SMS from SMS folder on Front using canned response “OTP SMS”. Make Sure to create 6 digits OTP (except for 123456 or 000000 or 1111111 and the OTP should be the random numbers so it can not be easily guessed)
  2. PSS puts OTP number in Subscriber profile page comment section AND put a note on the Front initial thread saying OTP was sent and OTP number is XXXXXX
  3. Customer tells PSS the OTP and it should be the same OTP PSS invented in SMS

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