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I have a promo code, it does not work?

  1. Ask the customers to share the exact code with you, along with the source of code. Since we regularly email promo codes to some selective customers or they can be a part of our ongoing promotion.
  2. Once you have the promocode, verify it from Admin Portal. And check if subscriber is allowed to use promocode (you can find Guidance here).
  3. Advise customer to try clearing cache or using an incognito tab.
  4. If the promo code still does not work, you have two options:

Scenario 1. If customer is in the process of SIM Activation -> Manually activate SIM and apply promo code

Scenario 2. If customer already completed activation process -> Apply promo code manually from the next billing cycle

Scenario 1: customer is in the process of SIM Activation

In this Scenario promo code will be applied immediately
Some bundles are missing -> Please check FIRST, if the case -> go to Scenario 2

If customer is facing issues with applying promo code while activation, we can manually activate SIM and apply promo code. AP can provide the discount right away

  1. Go to SIM card Actions
  2. Activate or Port in new SIM card and do not forget to apply promo code. All details about Manual SIM Activation are here

Scenario 2: customer already completed Activation Process

In this Scenario promo code will be applied only from the next billing cycle
  1. To apply the promo code PSS has to first verify the promo code from the promo codes directory on the AP. You can look for the promo codes here.
  2. Once you find the promo code, click on it, and it will open up a page that shows the details of the promo code.
  3. Go to the sim link of the customer > scroll under promo code > apply the relevant promo code after verification.
The customer has to keep the Autopay ON for the promo code to be applied on the next billing cycle.

Customers may come on chat requesting promo codes or deals with the following cases:

I had a free month promo code, can I get another one?
  1. Ask the customers, if their earlier promo code worked, and hence the free month was used.
  2. If yes, ideally their free month promo code worked. If the customers insist on more discounts, you can apply a code from the back end (on AP), which would give them a few $ off for coming month. But that would be an exception.
  3. Don't hand out any other promo code, without consultation from TLs and OAs.
Please do not share internal promo codes with the customer. If you are unsure about which promocode to use, escalate to Operations
I had a deal promo code, but my device arrived late, now the promo code is expired, what do I do?
  1. Ask the customer for the deal details, the said device, order details, and do perform other verification steps.
  2. Once the information has been verified, apply the promo code from your end, and inform them that they can avail discounts from the next cycle.

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