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Security features such as NeverSIMSwap, No Port Out and Account Lockdown are an additional security feature that customers can request on their account. Customers can request any of the above features free of charge just by reaching out to us on chat, email, or phone.

When any of these feature is enabled, we are adding extra layers of the security protocols within the CRM to silo them off behind authentication walls. Essentially, users will be required to provide additional verifications in addition to what we have right now. Users who have these applied will have the Premium Security Feature Flag applied to their account and SIMs

The Different Services

NeverSIMSwap: A feature that restricts all SIM swaps on the account and enables users to request additional verifications to authorize any SIM swaps in their accounts.

No-Port Out: A feature that can be enabled to require extra verifications before any ports are authorized.

Account Lockdown: In addition, users can request their account be locked down such that any changes to the account will have to be authenticated and verified before changes are made.

If a customer asks for one of these features:

  1. Verify that it's really them using the secure method listed here.
  2. Let them know that it will be taken care of.
  3. Add a note to their account describing what feature was requested. Use this format:
    NeverSIMSwap requested on this account
  4. And reach out to add the feature on the SIM page. Khizar Tariq, Gohar Ayoub, Danish Ali, Raazi Ali Khan, and Rimsha Ali.

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