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Helpful Canned Responses
  • "Number Change / Spam Call" - It explains the customers who get spam calls about the Call blocking feature and the MDN Swap.
Always tell the customer that MDN Swap is an irreversible process

MDN swap is changing phone number on the same SIM card. You do that when a customer requests you to change the number. One reason could be when a customer is getting too many spam texts or calls in that number. You do NOT need to send a new SIM in this case. There is no Pipefy form for this. You must do an OTP verification.

This process is irreversible
MDN Swap can be initiated ONLY if people chat from dashboard (through app is preferable - please ask them to use app) or send email from registered email address. If customers are "Visitors" on Front, they should log in to their account's dashboard and should chat from there.
Please always ask customers to chat from app to get account info.
If Account Lockdown Premium Security Feature is enabled (you see EXTRA SECURITY flag), Verification should be done ONLY over chat. Additional Verification will be done by Tier 3 -> please escalate after you followed current protocol before processing MDN Swap.
  1. Customer requests MDN Swap on Email  / Chat.
  2. You should confirm the reason that why the customer wishes to change the number. Make sure the reason for requesting MDN Swap is a legit one. E.g. if customer purchases a small plan (like 50 Texts) and use the phone numbers for ticketing purposes - this is restricted as per our terms and we discourage that. So an MDN swap in cases like these is not justified.
  3. Customer confirms full name, email, shipping / billing address, 4 last digits of cc number .
    If customer is sending request with his / her registered email -> don't expect customer to give name as it is in account, because sometimes customers could use different name variations when they create account (e.g. only first name and not a full name). Please verify Shipping address, 4 last digits of CC.
Verification in this Scenario should be done ONLY via chat - customer should be logged in (through app is preferable - please ask them to use app)
  1. You can use canned responses:
    If Email: You can use the canned response "MDN Swap Email" (No need to go to Step 4).
    If Chat: You can use the canned response "MDN Swap Chat".
  2. Mandatory: You should go to Flow plugin on Front and checks the location of customer: city and country should be the same as in billing/shipping address.
  3. You should send an OTP from SIM page in admin by clicking "OTP: send by email" and then click OK (You don't have to write the whole email or to invent 6 digits number - It is done automatically).
  4. Customer reaches out back with all the details.
  5. PSS identifies which network customer has and processes MDN Swap.
    If Super LTE: then click "change mobile number" > put OTP (sent from the SIM page), sim ICCID and ZIP.
    If GSM LTE: then click this  "swap MDN'" > put OTP (sent from the SIM page) Old Number and ZIP.
  6. You should let customer know now, that phone number is changed.
  7. Leave the following comments on their SIM profile:
    Request: MDN Swap
    [Old MDN] successfully transferred to [New MDN]
    Verification: Front Link

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