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When do we Hotline a SIM card? :

When a SIM card gets Hotlined it is blocked from using talk, text and data services.

Even if the SIM has remaining balance which has not yet expired, hotlining will block the talk, text and data services.

A SIM card can be Hotlined in the following scenarios:
NOTE: In each scenario, please make sure to check the expiration date of the billing cycle and you'll have an idea from there

Scenario 1. Customer wants to cancel services and requests a refund

  1. PSS does Proper Verification
  2. PSS goes to Admin Portal -> SIM Profile -> Actions Menu -> clicks "Hotline"
  3. PSS adds comments to Admin Portal (both Subscriber Page and Sim Page) that line was hotlined
  4. PSS confirms with customer name/email/billing address
  5. PSS applies canned response "refund request/line hotlined"
  6. PSS should log a refund in Pipefy
  7. Team Leads approve refunds


If a customer wants a refund or you are in a situation that you want to immediately prevent further usage, then you should hotline the SIM.
If a customer wants to keep using service until the end of the current cycle (which was already purchased) then no need to hotline.
The customer needs to turn off Auto-Pay on his/her account through account dashboard, it will make the service stop on the expiration date. Always let the customers know that if he/she will not buy a plan within 50 days for Super LTE and 30 days for GSM LTE after the expiration date, we can't promise to keep their phone number and it may go back into recirculation.
If customer wants to come back after being hotlined -> check here

Scenario 2. Customer lost SIM card and requests to suspend services on the number

  1. PSS does Proper Verification
  2. PSS goes to Admin Portal -> SIM Profile -> Actions Menu -> clicks "Hotline"

Scenario 3. Line got hotlined automatically, because customer never paid

  1. PSS asks customer to pay manually from their end

Steps to Hotline a SIM Card? :

  1. Please do Proper Verification first.
  2. Go to Admin Portal -> SIM Profile -> Actions Menu -> click "Hotline".
  3. Add comments on the Admin Portal (on Subscriber and Sim Page) that line is 'hotlined'. Also mention the reason for hotlining it.
  4. You can use the canned response "Refund request / Line hotlined".
This canned response states the info about the refund request filing along with the instructions for customer to follow.
  1. You will have to log a refund on Pipefy (if applicable). You can Email the customer with a follow-up if needed.

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