SIM_Features Guide: GSM LTE

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WI-FI Calling

Please refer to this Guide.


  • Get the ICCID of the SIM card from the customer or copy from the SIM Page on AP.
  • Go to Vcare and then go to "Need Help?" from the left column
  • Select "Find PIN/PUK" and then click on "Click here to find PIN/PUK detail"
  • Enter the ICCID and you will get the PIN/PUK

SOC Reset

(TL Assistance needed)

Please refer to this Guide.


Usually the customer will come and complain that on their GSM LTE line they are getting an error while texting that "Message blocking is active". This usually means that "FULLSMS" is deactivated from the features. To resolve the issue, sign in on VCARE and search for the MDN. Once the details open up, go to features and just click on "Active" for "FULLSMS" and the issue will hopefully be resolved.

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