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How To Identify CDMALess Devices

When looking at existing SIM profile in the admin, just click Details next to the device ID

When talking to potential customers who share an IMEI that is not yet linked to a SIM, you will need to Validate the Device from the Verizon menu in our admin:

The resulting screen will show you if the device is CDMALess. - Look for "Y" means YES - While "N" or blank means NO

How To Turn On / Off CDMALess

Go into Features on the SIM page

To enable the user the CDMALess functionality:

(1) and (2) should be done at the same time 

  1. ADD 3 features:
    R20_ROAM_TIER | Data Tier Footprint R20 - CDMALess VZW
    VOT_HD_VOICE | HD Voice - VoLTE (if not already applied)
  2. REMOVE features:
    IF non-Apple device, then you can replace the Voicemail feature too:
    (3) and (4) should be done at the same time 
  3. ADD feature:
    HD_VVM | Visual Voicemail - HD
  4. REMOVE feature:
    VVM_IPHONE | Visual Voicemail - iPhone
The user must power cycle the phone after these changes.
To turn OFF CDMALess feature, please follow the steps below:
  1. ADD feature:
    R00_DATATIER (Data Tier Footprint R00 - VZW)
  2. REMOVE features:
    R20_ROAM_TIER (Data Tier Footprint R20 - CDMALess VZW)

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