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Customers Questions

What is Wi-Fi Calling?

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Wi-Fi Calling allows you to make and receive voice and video calls and messages over your Wi-Fi connection instead of using your cellular connection. This feature assists with connection when cellular service is unavailable or there is poor signal strength automatically, resulting in fewer dropped calls.  

On which network is Wi-Fi Calling available?

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Wi-Fi calling is currently only available for our GSM LTE Android and iPhone users.

WFC feature is now available on iPhones (on GSM LTE) as well on the new SIMs (shipped from 9th of June onwards).
WFC will only work on GSM with iOS 14.5 and above
When the customer gets the new GSM sim card and is performing a sim swap, their WFC would not work by itself. We still have to go into their sim profile in AP and submit another request for WFC activation.
WI-FI Calling does not support MMS. MMS services require a network connection and a positive data balance on the account.

FAQs by Customers and their answers (You can copy-paste these answers)

What do I need in order to use Wi-Fi-Calling? 

You will need to have a WFC compatible phone and an active call and/or text plan. You will also need to have a valid E911 address added to your account for it to work.

How do I add a valid E911 address in order for my Wi-Fi calling to work?

Just add a valid shipping address in your dashboard settings. Or, just reach out to us over email, phone, or chat, and we will add it for you.

Please update the E911 address from the AP by clicking on details in front of Wi-Fi Calling on the SIM Card page

Why is Wi-Fi calling offered on GSM LTE and not on Super LTE?

On Super LTE, Wi-Fi Calling is not a highly requested feature, as the coverage is so great, it doesn't really need any last-mile connectivity solution.

Is Wi-Fi calling offered on iPhones?

WFC feature is available on iPhones (on GSM) as well on the new SIMs (shipped from 9th of June onwards).

Will I have to pay separately in order to call and/or text using Wi-Fi calling?

You don’t have to pay extra. It uses minutes and texts from your plan like regular calls and texts. 

How do I get Wi-Fi calling enabled for me?

It should work automatically. If it doesn’t work then please restart your phone. if that doesn’t help just reach out to us through email, call or chat and we will look into this for you.

PSS Questions

What are the benefits of WFC?

WFC assists with connection when cellular service is unavailable or there is poor signal strength, lessening dropped calls.

No additional cost for extended coverage - Voice and SMS usage is decremented the same as today.

All Wi-Fi Calls will be rated as on-net calls 
All SMS sent over Wi-Fi will be rated as on-net SMS  


Who is eligible for WFC?

  • WFC is available on NEW plans, and existing plans.
  • WFC is available to subscribers with the WFC feature and a WFC-capable device.
  • Accounts must have a valid E911 address provisioned.

What is an E911 address?

It’s the emergency address associated with each phone number so 911 can reach the address in case of an emergency. If you don’t see it, confirm the E911 address from the customer, since adding this will associate the MDN to the E911 address.

You can check the E911 address by confirming from the USPS website. If the address shows up as valid on USPS website then E911 address is fine

International Calls

Can a user receive calls internationally on their number if they are connected to data abroad?

Yes. The Customer needs to have an active number with us within USA in order to use Wi-Fi Calling abroad, but the number needs to be activated in the USA only before being used anywhere else. They can then take the SIM cards abroad, where they can receive calls. They can also make calls to the US using WFC.

Can a user make calls from an international location if they are connected to data abroad?

Yes, As long as the call is to a domestic location (within the US) and WFC is enabled/compatible with our network, the call will be successful. 


Will WFC actually allow us to use SMS when there is no cellular signal?

Yes, As long as the subscriber has a Wi-Fi connection and WFC is enabled/compatible with our network, SMS will also be sent/received via the Wi-Fi calling feature.


If there is both LTE and Wi-Fi - what is prioritized?


Is there a minimum Wi-Fi speed required?

No real minimums.

What happens if the user switches from Wi-Fi to LTE (or vice versa) when a user is on a call?

When leaving Wi-Fi coverage, calls should transition from Wi-Fi Calling to cellular voice coverage - when cellular voice coverage is available (calls will drop if there is no cellular voice coverage.)  Calls should also transition from cellular voice coverage to Wi-Fi Calling for subscribers actively connected to the Wi-Fi network. Calls will drop when the subscriber is not actively connected to the Wi-Fi network.

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