Balance_“Hotspot User” Flag and Hotspot Standalone Devices (Modem, Router etc.)

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If you see “Unauthorized_Device” Flag -> we were able manually to recognize that customer is using modem. In this case use this canned response "Unauthorized Device" and ignore “Hotspot User” Flag Policy
"Postpaid line hotspot speed has been automatically throttled after 20 GB of usage" has nothing to do with "Hotspot User" flag. Please refer to this Guide, if you see this error.

How to communicate with customers who have "Hotspot User" Flag

The small share of heavy data users, using 20 GB of data through mobile hotspots, device tethering or any other method that falls outside of typical handset usage on either network during a billing cycle may be throttled to slower speeds and lose hotspot and tethering capabilities for the remainder of their billing cycle.

Potential questions for customer service

If you see a flag “Hotspot User”. Please use this customer language
I thought the data was uncapped? And unthrottled?

Yep! Your data is uncapped and unthrottled. Hotspot data is however capped at 20gb. Hotspot data has a limit in place to prevent overuse, and if that limit is exceeded, the line has reached their hotspot/tethering data limit. Unfortunately, after checking, it appears that your line has been reached it’s tethering limit. For more information as to why this can happen, you can review our terms and conditions here. If you have any further questions or would like to have us follow up on this, please email us at where it can be reviewed/responded to by our technical team.

Be prepared to expand on the above

Unfortunately, there is nothing else i can do at the moment. If you like, your service can be restored by activating your next billing cycle. Just shoot us an email and we’ll look into it for you. If our hotspot terms aren’t according to your needs, then i’d like to log a refund for you for that!

Be prepared that this can lead to the customer wanting to port out

I completely understand if that doesn’t work for you and that you would like your account information so that you can port out to another service provider.

If the customer insists on an escalation without sending an email, just create a Tier 3 ticket in Front for us to review.

Hotspot Standalone Devices Policy

US Mobile's SIMs cannot be used within a mobile hotspot standalone device. 
Under US Mobile's Acceptable Use Policy, when customers buy and use our Services or any Devices they agree that they will not misuse or abuse our Services or Devices by doing, among other things, any of the following: (c) inserting a US Mobile SIM card into a modem, router, laptop, or other signal broadcasting device. 

Use Canned Response: "Hotspot Standalone Devices (Modem, Router etc.)"

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