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For 30 days from full-implementation (8/16 - 9/16), customers requesting throttling removal to PSS will have throttling manually removed by escalating to Vishal Shamnani, Hassan Afsar, Usman Ghani, Saad Hassan, or Abdul Wasay.
Also add the customer details in this sheet:


Please avoid using the words “cap” and “throttle”, as they usually lead to conflicts and arguments by customers that the plan is supposed to be “Unlimited” so why are we capping it etc.
Instead you can use terms and phrases like 'soft cap' 'slower data speeds' 'only noticed by a small number of customers' 'reduced speeds' 'standard speeds' etc.

Throttle policies: Internal Communication

DO NOT SHARE this information with customers.

On Super LTE network:

We will throttle (use word: soft cap) customer lines to slower data speeds after 75 GB of Ludicrous speed data is used - No Data Caps.

On GSM network:

We will throttle (use soft cap) customers lines to slower data speeds after 50 GB Data is used - No hard data caps or data blocks, only a soft cap instead.

What is a soft cap?

The customer's data does not stop working, it just slows down - they will still continue getting unlimited data.

What is a hard cap?

Hard caps mean data stops working once a specific limit is reached (like we used to have earlier and then we used to add refreshes to restore it). This is also sometimes known as data block, however we do not have these anymore- the Unlimited All plan on both networks have soft caps and the data doesn't stop working at all.


Language to be used with Customers

Why is my speed so slow? / I thought the plan was Unlimited? / What happens if I use more than 75GB of data?

Use Canned Response: "Reduced Speeds Throttle- Chats"

The Unlimited All plan comes with 75GB of high-speed data on our Super LTE network and 50GB on the GSM LTE network. Some users might experience slight slower data speeds once they've consumed all the high speed data however for most of them, everything will work fine!

How slow does it get? More details?

Use Canned Response: "Reduced Speeds More Details- Chats"

The data speed will be slower, but outside of 4K or HD streaming and live-gaming, it should work for almost everything. A while back, we used to offer standard speeds (our slower data speed option) as a choice, which approximately 25% of our customers picked themselves so this only really affects a very tiny fraction of users who violate our terms & conditions by using our SIMs in uncertified devices like routers & modems, which you can read here

If a customer has extremely high usage/abusing the data, then we can use the following canned response: "High Usage Data User- Chats"

If the customer is frustrated and asking for a port out info and refund:

I completely understand if our data speeds are not working out for you, even though I would've loved to have you stay with us, keeping your usage and convenience in mind- I realize that might not be possible. However, I'll definitely help you in transferring your service to another carrier that better suits your needs. I'll also process a prorated refund right now so you don't have to worry about that either. Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you?


What happens if I reach the 75 GB cap? 

Well once you've hit the cap of 75GBs in one billing cycle, you will notice a slight difference in your data speed. Having said that, apart from HD or 4K streaming and live gaming, you should be able to do almost everything in this speed. It shouldn't affect your day to day browsing experience at all!

Will Pooled plans be also throttled if I have more than 75GB Base Pool Plan?

Not at all, there are no soft caps on pooled plans so please don't worry about that! 🚀

I ported from GSM to Super LTE only because there was no throttling, what should I do now?

Well the data speeds you're currently getting on Super LTE are still a lot better than what other companies have to offer, also we do have the option of purchasing additional data top ups in the middle of the billing cycle if you want to reset your data speeds so you shouldn't be worried about it at all. 🙌

If I sign up as a business customer, will I also face throttling on Super LTE?

Even though you might notice a slight difference in the data speeds, I assure you that except 4K or HD streaming and live-gaming, everything else will work perfectly fine. In case you face any problems, please feel free to get in touch with us- we're always here!

Will throttling apply to all customers or only for some users?

Well a rare fraction of customers might notice slower data speeds, but only after they've consumed a huge amount of data- the data speeds will reset once the next billing cycle starts so that's absolutely nothing to worry about. This should affect less than 0.1% of our customers, most of whom are using modems and routers.

Will the video streaming speed be throttled as well?

Nope, there are absolutely no restrictions on your video streaming from our end no matter what your data consumption's like, there is no soft cap on video streaming from our end 😊

There is no throttling on video resolution, customers may face the video quality loss only because of the slower speeds

How can I avoid throttling?

The vast majority of our customers should not be affected, but you might be in the 0.1% who experience undesired slower speeds after going through the 75GB high-speed data allotment.  If you prefer to avoid this experience, you have 2 options:

(A) Purchase full-speed data tops within the dashboard at any time, so you can get higher data speeds after 75GB.  These Top Ups are available in various sizes including $10/2GB, $15/4GB and $20/6GB.

(B) Purchase full-speed shared data using our pooled plans that will allow you to pool and share your data across different devices.

Top-Up and Hotspot

Could I add a top up to have the high-speed data back? Can I pay extra to prevent throttling on Unlimited All Plan?

You can definitely do that! You can get in touch with our customer support to add top ups for up to 6GBs and your data speed will automatically reset however you can't pay extra to prevent throttling altogether, that's not something we offer right now. 😊

I reached data cap for this month, can you reset my data limit?

Unfortunately that's not possible, the data speeds will automatically reset once the new plan kicks in. You can also get in touch with our customer support to add top ups for up to 6GBs and your data speed will automatically reset, let us know whatever works best for you and we'll assist you with it. 😊

If I use 75 GB data, and I later get hotspot. Will that be throttled too?

Oh not at all! your hotspot or any additional purchases like data top ups etc will not be soft capped due to your base plan consumption. 😊

Please use this guide to purchase the hotspot top up for customer.

Will data cap be applicable to my current billing cycle or to the next billing cycle?

Well the changes have been automatically applied on all existing Unlimited All lines, however please get in touch with our customer support to assist you!

Plan Renewal

Is there a temporary fix to this throttling if your plan is about to renew in a few days?

Well I can see that your billing cycle is supposed to renew in a few days- don't worry I will look into this for you and ensure that your current cycle is not immediately impacted by the slow data speeds! 😊

We will “manually” track these lines, and prevent them from being throttled for this cycle. Escalate to Saif Ahmed if needed.

If I renew my plan in mid billing cycle in order to prevent throttling, can I get refund for the unused talk and text?

Well I believe that might not be possible, I hope you understand. If there's anything else I can help you with, please let me know. 😊

Hotspot Devices

With this change in throttling policy, can hotspot devices also have a higher throttling limit?

Hotspot devices still have a soft cap of 20GB per line and there are no changes from our end so far. If we increase the limits or change anything, we'll let you know. 🙌

Grandfathered Plans

I activated my unlimited plan when the policy was still uncapped and unthrottled. Do I get grandfathered in?

Well all our Unlimited plans have the same configuration so unfortunately that's not possible, however you will still be getting unlimited data and will only notice slower data speeds once you've consumed around 75GBs so hopefully that shouldn't be a problem. For now, I can personally look into this and ensure that your data speeds are not capped for this month, however from next billing cycle onwards- everything will be automatic so you won't be grandfathered in. 😊

Explaining Ludicrous speeds:

Please use canned response: "Ludicrous Introduction- Chat"

So our ludicrous speeds are up to 250MBps, of course depending on your coverage and the compatibility of your device. Deprioritization is also a huge factor but if there's no congestion in your area on the carrier level, you should be getting the best speeds with our Ludicrous data speed plans! 🚀

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