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Validity Period of an SMS Message?

An SMS message is stored temporarily in the SMS center if the recipient mobile phone is offline. It is possible to specify the period after which the SMS message will be deleted from the SMS center so it will not be forwarded to the recipient mobile phone when it becomes online. This period is called the validity period.

What is SMS Validity on my network?

On Super LTE, if the receiving handset is switched off or out of coverage, undelivered SMS will stay on the SMSC (Short Message Service Center) for up to 5 days.

On GSM LTE, the validity period is 72 hours from the time of transmission.

If the recipient's phone line is out of service or out of texts, then the above retry mechanism won't kick in - meaning if the recipient recharges his line, he will not receive messages that were sent to him during the time his line was out of service.

Google Voice Using Minutes

If you get a customer complaining that his minutes were used up while using Google Voice on their phone, refer to the below for an explanation:

"Google Voice is not a VOIP service, it is a call management service. When you make an outbound call from an Android smartphone or iPhone, using the Google Voice mobile app, the calls actually go through the standard mobile phone network. The app calls a Google Voice phone switch, which then substitutes your Google Voice telephone number's caller ID and completes the call. 

These calls do not use Voice over IP, they are regular telephone calls, using up your minutes. The app uses your Wi-Fi or cellular data connection to first connect to Google Voice servers, who will then connect you to the number that the GV app told the GV system you wanted to reach a few seconds earlier. 

If you wish to place 'free' calls using your Google Voice number, you may install the Google Hangouts app and link your Google voice number to it. Calls made using Google Hangouts this way would rely entirely on your Wi-Fi (or cellular data, if Wi-Fi is not available) and would not use your minutes."

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