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SIM Activation Flow (Ordering a Starter Kit)

Please use canned response: New Number SIM Activation Process for emails, for chats please breakdown these steps and share them one by one.

The customer will have to initially create an account on US Mobile and after logging in, they can go to this link to order their starter kit.

Remember, a starter kit consists of both, the GSM LTE SIM card and the Super LTE SIM card. You can tell them to use the promo codes 'FREESIM', 'FREEKIT', 'REDDITACT' or 'REDDITSIM' on the checkout to get their starter kit for free while ordering it.

After they have received their starter kit they will have to log in to their account. They can go to this link for activating their SIM card.

What are the steps to activate the US Mobile SIM card?

  1. Ask the customer to go to our activation page.
  2. Click on I'M READY TO ACTIVATE.
  3. They will have to create an account, or they need to sign in if they already have one.
  4. After this, they can check if their device will work with our Super LTE network by entering the IMEI. If not they can pick the GSM Network. The differences between both the Networks are listed in this article.
  5. Ask them to enter their SIM card number or choose SIM card in the list of delivered SIMs
    If they get an error message indicating 'Invalid SIM Card Number' error, please ask them to recheck if they have entered the correct SIM card number from the back of the SIM card or check their SIM card number on Admin Portal to check the SIM card on our end.
    We don’t show any SIM Cards before it is delivered
    This will only show the inactive SIM Cards so in case if the customer is not able to see a cleaned Super LTE SIM Card in the tiles, please ask them to enter the SIM Card number manually
  6. The customer can pick a new number, or can give us the details to help us to bring their existing/old number to US Mobile.
  7. After this they will choose a new base plan in which they can either build a plan that fits their needs or they can view all our custom and unlimited plans here.
  8. They will add the billing information and will select AutoPay if they wish to save their plan for the next billing cycle.

At this point, if they get a new number, they can insert the US Mobile SIM card into their device and start using it right away. If they are porting a number, we’ll email them when their number is ready to use, so they can keep using their old provider's SIM card till then.

  1. After line is activated customer can Customize line.
  2. After line is activated customer should get a Confirmation Email.

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