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Risk-Free Trial (RFT)

What is a Risk-Free Trial?

Use Canned Response "Risk-free Trial intro - Chats" or "Risk-free Trial intro - Emails" for explaining the RFT policy to the customers.

Risk-Free Trial Policy provides 14 days risk-free trial for all new customers. It is for all the customers who want to try out our service before they bring their number on US Mobile. If a customer has any doubts or confusion in joining us, you can always tell them about our 14 days risk-free trial in which they can get a full refund of their order with in the first 14 days of service if they are not satisfied.

Please note that in order for the customer to get the full refund according to the Risk-Free Trial, it is important that they must have used less than 1000 MB Data, 1000 minutes and 1000 texts (whichever comes first) within the first 14 days of service. Please ensure to tell the customer about the complete policy before promising anything.

Also to note that Risk-free trials are only available to users within the US, and SIM and shipping fees are non-refundable.

How can a customer be eligible for a Risk-Free Trial?

Given the customer has activated a Sim card and have used less than 1000 MBs Data, 1000 Minutes, and 1000 Texts (whichever comes first) within 14 days of activation. They are eligible for a full refund under Risk-Free Trail.

Please make sure the customer is not coming under "Fraud Criteria" before they are porting out and asking for RFT.
Which Plans come under Risk-Free Trial Policy?

ALL the Plans are under Risk-Free Trials.

When would a customer ask for a Risk-Free Trial?

Risk-Free Trials are generally asked about by our potential or onboarding customers, as they want to test our service with activating a new number initially. When they are satisfied with our service, then they think to bring their numbers to US Mobile. Risk-Free Trial can be used by anyone.

What to do when a customer asks for a Risk-Free Trial Refund?

If a customer wants to get their Risk-Free Trial, please verify their information, check if they come under the Risk-Free Trail criteria, which is the first 14 days of service and their usage is less than 1000 MBs, texts and minutes (whichever comes first). If all the criteria are fulfilled, please log a full refund for them and hotline their line after full verification. If a customer wants to get the RFT and also wants to port out, please ask them to port out their line first and then log a refund for their order.

Please make sure that you always tell them about the risk involved of losing their number before canceling the services and verifying the customer
Do we offer Risk-Free Trial multiple times for a customer?

No, we don't offer Risk-Free Trial multiple times (No Refreshers on RFT).

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