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Referral Program

What is the Referral Program?

Please use the canned response: Referral Program Intro- Chats

US Mobile’s referral program gives existing customers 50% (which is up to $10 off) on their next AutoPay plan purchase when they get a friend to join US Mobile. To help them in getting their friend to join, existing customers can give their friend a unique referral code that the friend can use (used as promocode on the checkout page) to save 50% up to $10 when activating their first SIM card with US Mobile.

Few customers will come with Referral Codes giving a discount of up to $25. Those are the promotional discounts. Please verify through the list of Promocodes on Admin Portal.

How can existing customers find their referral code to give to a friend?

Each existing customer has a unique Referral code that the customer can share privately (for example, to a friend or relative) or publicly (for example in a blog post, Twitter tweet or Facebook post).

To get the referral discount:

  1. To get their unique referral code, existing customers must sign in to their dashboards and then click on the "Refer a friend" tab on the left, which will take them to this webpage:
  2. On this webpage, the customers will find their unique referral code to share with friends and family.
  3. The code will then be used by their friends or family members while activating, and the discount will be applied on the referral code users' along with the referral code owners' line.

Referral codes are created when the subscriber is created

How can a new customer use the referral code?

Referral codes can be used just like marketing promo codes at check out when a new customer activates the very first SIM card. The code works at activation for a maximum of $10, not including taxes & regulatory fees. The Referral codes have:

- No Expiration date.
- Code cannot be used for the SIMs, Starter Kits, or Phones.
- Code cannot be used if the subscriber already has an activated SIM ( As referred friend/family member can use it for the activation of a new SIM).
- Code cannot be combined with any other offer.

How can an existing customer see their successful referrals and the credits they have earned?

Existing customers will earn 1 referral discount of up to $10 discount for each new subscriber that uses the given referral code. Customers can earn up to 6 referral discounts during the customer lifecycle.

For example, if I have referred 3 friends, it entitles me to up to $10 off of 3 autopay payments. If 1 of them has been used already, 2 future autopay bills are eligible for the discount.

To see how many times the referral code has been used, the customers can:

  1. Sign in to their dashboards and then click on the "Refer a friend" tab on the left.
  2. At the bottom, it will show the friends who were successfully referred and the bills which are eligible for discount.
Note: For reference you can use, or share this article with the customers.

Referral code details for existing customers:

- Referrals are not officially earned until the new customer activates a SIM. Purchasing SIMs and phones do not earn the referral.

- If the subscriber has multiple SIMs with AutoPay, the very next AutoPay order will use the up to $10 discount.

- Only AutoPay orders are eligible. Referral codes are not eligible for Plan Renewals (Manual Plan Renewals) and Top-ups.

Some special cases mixing referral codes and marketing promo codes

Combining Promo codes and Referral Promo codes when using AutoPay

AutoPay supports only one promo code discount per payment. This means we will only use either the traditional promo code discount or the referral promo code discount, but both will not work for a single Auto Payment.

When the subscriber has used a promo code during the SIM card activation and has earned Referral Program discounts, the logic is as follows.

  1. Use the original promo code discount if it is still available.
  2. If no discount is available, use a Referral Promo code discount if one is available.


  1. Subscriber A has activated SIM card on January 1st with promo code "USMD10" which entitles the subscriber to get a $10 discount on the next Auto Payment.
  2. The subscriber (with a referral code of $25) has shared his personal Referral Promo code "ABCDEFG" with two friends (Subscriber B and Subscriber C). Subscriber B and Subscriber C have activated a SIM-card each, using the given promo code "ABCDEFG"
  3. The next payment dates will be after 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, and 120 days respectively
  • February 1st: Subscriber A will get a $10 discount from the Auto Payment because promo code "USMD10" is still applicable.
  • March 1st: Subscriber A will get upto $25 discount from the Auto Payment because Subscriber B used the promo code "ABCDEFG" during the activation.
  • April 1st: Subscriber A will get a $25 discount from the Auto Payment because Subscriber C used the promo code "ABCDEFG" during the activation.
  • May 1st: Subscriber A will not get any discounts from the Auto Payment.

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