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What are Pooled Plans?

Pooled Plans or Shared Data Plans are a major new product US Mobile launched. In a pool, our subscribers can set up multiple lines to draw from a shared “pool” of data. It’s a fundamentally new product. Everything we’ve sold to this point is an individual plan: one plan for one line. With pools, you buy a base plan which is an amount of data all the lines will share. Pools are meant for families, groups of friends, and businesses who have multiple lines.



Is this available on both networks?

Nope, we’re only offering pooled plans on the Super LTE network. 

How long are Pooled Plans cycles?

Pooled plans have a validity of 30 days, just like all our other plans.

What’s the data speed?

Ludicrous. You will be getting totally uncapped 4G and 5G data speeds!

Will all my lines automatically be added to pools when I buy a pool?

Nope, you will have to add the lines yourself.

Can I include my eSIM in the same pooled plan as my physical SIM?

Nope, international data cannot be included in a data pool.

Is there a trial period?

Well you can always reach out to the customer support if you're not satisfied with the service, we'll assist you with the refund.

How will perks work?

We haven’t launched perks for pooled plans yet.

Do I have to purchase a pool first and then port my lines?

You can do both, purchase a pool first and then activate your lines or add your already activated lines in a pool.


What if a line is added after the cycle starts?

Its expiration date will get mapped to the pool’s cycle date and it will renew with everything else in the pool. We will bill the per-line access fee at a lower amount depending on how many days into the pool’s cycle the line gets added. The further in, the less you'll have to pay, because you're actually paying for fewer days of service.

Can we update the pool in the middle of the billing cycle?

You can change the base plan but it will take effect on renewal. You can add or remove lines in the middle of the cycle though.

How do top ups work? Do top ups also roll over in pools?

Nope, top ups will only last until the end of your current billing cycle and they can be shared by all the lines added in the data pool.

How do expiration dates work?

As soon as you add your first pool line, your pool is activated and will get expired exactly after thirty days. We’ll make sure that every line in a pool always has the exact same expiration date. They all renew together, in lockstep.

How do Pooled Plans work with AutoPay?

AutoPay is automatically enabled as soon as the pool is activated, you don't have to manually turn it on or off.

What if AutoPay payment gets declined? What if the subscriber removes the credit card on file?

If the payment fails initially, we will automatically grant a 1-time 24-hour grace period that extends the pool’s service and all lines’ expiration dates by exactly 24 hours. We will then inform you over email that your AutoPay payment did not go through and we’ve granted you a lifecycle extension of one day, the pool will be deactivated automatically after one day and you will have to reactivate it from your end.

If a line already had a data plan that was valid and just got put into a new pool, do they lose the previous data which they had outside the pool?

Yes! You will lose your individual base plan as soon as you enter a pool. We will inform you that adding a line to a pool knocks out any existing plan on your line, and you should only go ahead with it if you're ready.

“If you choose an existing line on your account, it will join your pool immediately. You won't have access to your old individual plan for that line anymore. So make sure to only move it into your pool when you are ready.”
Are service fees and taxes included?

Yes, you pay exactly the amount you see on your dashboard. There are no hidden charges.

How much will I have to pay?

You can see the final pricing on your dashboard, it depends on the amount of data you add in the pooled plan by the way along with the number of lines.

Will the payment be made from multiple payment methods?

Nope, only one payment method should be used to pay for the pooled plan.

Do I have to pay the access fee every month?

You will have to pay the access fee for each line every month.

How will refunds work, can one line get refunded partially?

You can get a prorated refund on the access fee of your line.

Will my GSM LTE lines be billed separately even if they’re all under one account?

Yes, your GSM LTE lines will be billed exactly the way they were being billed previously, they cannot be a part of any data pool.

Talk / Text / Data

Can texts and minutes be shared as well, or just data?

We’re only offering data pools for now, however all lines in the pool will have unlimited talk and text added automatically.

What is the maximum amount of data we are offering in this pool?

We haven’t set any limits from our end, you can purchase as much as 2,000GB data and we’d be fine with that, however it might not be economical for you to do that since data pools are comparatively more expensive than our other base plans, its totally your call though.

How will unlimited all lines work with pooled plans?

Well you can either have the Unlimited All plan or be a part of a pooled plan, please know that data pools have a finite amount of data so you will only have access to a limited amount of data in a data pool.

What happens if customer runs out of data in Pooled Plan?

If you use up all the data you paid for, the lines in your pool won't have 4G LTE data service anymore. You can read up more about it here.

Will adding a top up automatically resume service or will they have to reach out to us over chat or email?

If you've consumed all the data added in your data pool, your service will be paused on your dashboard and you will see an option to buy a 'Top Up'. As soon as the top up's bought, your service will be immediately restored. You don't exactly have to reach out to us to get a top up, but in case you do, we'll definitely be able to help you out.

Can line holders add separate top ups on their lines that will not be shared within the pool?

Nope, that is not possible, whatever top ups are bought will be shared between all the lines added in the pool.

How will hotspot work?

Our current implementation is that we automatically assign hotspot to lines in pooled plans. The hotspot in pooled plans works just like custom plans, its free on all the lines in pooled plans.

Data Cap

Will pooled plans have a data cap? How would throttling on pooled plans work?

Well, there is no such thing as an “unlimited” pool so for lines that are in a pooled plan, if you're using an enormous amount of data per line, you might notice a slight difference in the data speeds after you've used a certain amount of data. By default right now, this is 100 GB.

This is different than a hard cap that totally shuts off data! Your speed will still be fast enough to do activities on your phone so you don't have to worry about that, however if there are any problems- please feel free to get in touch with us.

If a user wished for a pooled line to user over 100 GB, and they complained about the 1 MBPS / 512 KBPS throttle, we would manually apply a promotion to their line through RSSX - please escalate such a case to Tier3. It’s very unlikely we will need to do this.
Will all lines get throttled if one of them goes over the data soft cap?

There’s no throttling or soft caps set by us, as long as the data pool has data left, all lines can use it. As soon as the data ends, no line will be able to use it, it will be a complete data block.


Will I be able to customize a pool according to my own usage or are there pre existing pools that I will have to choose from?

You will have to customize the pool yourself according to your usage.

How to interpret pooled lines' usage history?

I'm sure this article will help you understand usage in pooled plans, I'm still here if you have any more questions.

Can one line use a lot more than another line in the pool?

Yes, we do not limit your usage from our end. Someone in the pool could be overusing, and someone else could be underusing in comparison- this is exactly how pooled plans work.

Can the account holder limit a line’s usage?

Nope, not in this version. We will eventually do a version where you can set a “Line-level data use cap” from your dashboard and the data use cap will let the pool owner set a limit at which a specific pool line has its data use blocked, but for now, we do not offer this feature.

Will usage analytics still be separate?

Usage analytics will work exactly the same way for all lines on a subscriber’s account, whether they are on individual plans or shared data plans. However, you will now be able to track usage for the entire pool, here's a quick guide on how to do that.

Will the delay in update of remaining credits on the dashboard not happen when someone is on a pooled plan?
This information is for internal use only, do not share this with the customers!
For Chats, please use Canned Response: "Pooled Plans Usage Delay-Chats"

We are building our own metering in house. It is the first product we’re selling where we’re fully using our own metering. This works like this:

  1. User uses data in real world on Verizon network.
  2. Verizon finds out about usage and records a file describing the usage event in detail.
  3. They upload the file. This is where the delays come in!
  4. We receive the file.
  5. We calculate pool balances based on any usage that happened.

In general, pools metering will be delayed! On average, the numbers on the dashboard for pools will be roughly 30 minutes out of date. If Verizon is having an outage, it could be several days out of date. We can’t control this.

Will we be placing any video resolution limiting features at any point of heavy data usage?

Nope, we will not be placing any restrictions on your line from our end, however if the pool runs out of data, your service will be paused and you won't be able to use any data.


How to set up a Pooled Plan?

Its an extremely easy process, you can follow this guide for complete instructions or I can also walk you through it, let me know whatever's more convenient for you.

How to manage a Pooled Plan?

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Any limit on the number of lines that can be in one pool?

Nope, there are no limits. You can add as many lines as you want, we're all up for it!

Does every line under an account HAVE to be part of the pooled plan? Or do they have a choice?

You absolutely have the choice to determine whether you want to join the data pool or nope, there are no such conditions applied from our end. For example, there can be 8 lines added on your account and only 3 lines can be sharing data in the pool, whatever works best for you honestly.

Can customers have multiple pooled plans with different lines on a single account?

Oh yes! You can create as many data pools as you want, we're here for it!

Can a line be part of multiple pooled plans?

Ah that might not be possible, one line can only belong to one pool at a time, you can obviously remove it from one pool and add it in another pool whenever you want but it cannot exist in multiple pools together.

Can individual lines be snoozed in a pool?

Yes you can definitely snooze your line from your dashboard, it will cost you $2.98 and it will renew at the same time as all other lines in the pool.

Who will be able to buy the pooled plan? Just the account holder or anyone? Can you have lines from multiple subscribers in the same pool?

Well our current version of pools only has one subscriber. For now, our users can share the same log in credential to manage the same pool. So all of the lines in the pool need to belong to the same subscriber i.e should be on the same account.

Can multiple subscribers have access to one pool?

Nope, a data pool is only accessible to the lines present on that account, there can be multiple line holders but not multiple subscribers.

How do you make changes to the pool, are all line holders notified, how does verification work?

Since there’s only one account holder, anyone with access to the account dashboard can make changes from their end. If you reach out to the customer support, they will also only verify with the account holder over the registered email.

How do we add or remove lines from the dashboard?

You will be able to add or remove lines from the data pool by clicking on the pool > lines > edit > remove lines, you can also snooze or deactivate lines within the pool.

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