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What is an eSIM?
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Well eSIMs are just digital SIMs pre-built into the device which downloads the plans instantly, instead of waiting for a delivery of a physical SIM to install and use. Please refer customers to this blog for explanation and details.

Does every country has its own eSIM?

We offer International Data Roaming in around 140 countries, you can find more information related to this here.

Can we have text and talk on eSIM too?

For now, we're only offering international data on eSIMs, talk and text are not available currently.

What data speeds will the customers get?

The data speeds for our international data plans depend on the coverage of the local carrier at customer's destination, and on the device's capability for cellular signals. There are absolutely no restrictions from our end and the customer should be able to get the best data speeds!

Do base plans work on eSIM?

The data plans for eSIMs vary with region and countries, so the data in a base plan on our physical SIM cannot be transferred or used through our eSIM.

If a customer is traveling to multiple countries, will they need multiple eSIMs?

All our eSIM plans are regional and the customers can check which countries are covered in the eSIM plan, and the regions which they have opted for by selecting the See all Countries option on their dashboard. If they already have an existing eSIM, they can go to their eSIM page and see all the eligible countries under the heading “Where does this plan work?”

If their next destination country is not supported by their current eSIM plan, they may have to activate a new eSIM.

Will the customers get complimentary international data every month?

If their Unlimited plan is set-up on AutoPay, they can get complimentary eSIM data every month.

Will eSIM data roll over?

Just like all other plans, eSIM plans are also only valid for 30 days. It does not rollover.

Can an eSIM be snoozed?

We can’t snooze an eSIM. It will expire after the last plan on the eSIM expires. Customers can get a new eSIM whenever they need to resume services.

Will the customers get complimentary international data if their physical line’s not active anymore?

To get complimentary data each month, the physical line needs to remain active with us.

When will my eSIM plan expire?

eSIMs expire after 30 days, however these 30 days start after they've reached the destination and an eSIM has been activated.

Where can the customers see eSIM usage?

They can see the eSIM usage on their dashboard or via the US Mobile App on their device.

How can the customers add more data to eSIM plan?

They can log onto the dashboard or can use the mobile app to go to their “Individual lines” page. There, they can select the eSIM line which they want to add data for and select the “Add a new plan” option. They can add as much data as they want, this data will be valid for 30 days since the day the new plan is added.

Do eSIMs have numbers attached to them?

Nope, our eSIMs do not have numbers.

What carrier does our eSIM support?

Our eSIMs are powered by different carriers. These carriers are determined by the destination and by the signal strength of each of the carriers available. The eSIM uses the strongest carrier it can connect to at the customer's location.

Can a request eSIM for International Data Roaming even if they don't have a line activated with us?

Yes, they can. They just need to make an account with us.


How can a customer get an eSIM?
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Its an extremely easy process. Customer needs to sign into his account to access his dashboard. He should click on the add an international line option. This will allow the customer to see all the countries which he can get data for with eSIMs, along with the data plans and their cost. Once he completes this process, he will receive an email with a QR code along with the instructions to activate his eSIM.

You can refer the customers to this blog for more info about our eSIMs.

When will an eSIM get activated?

The eSIM will be activated as soon as the customer reaches his destination (the location for which he took the eSIM). Please make sure that the customer has scanned the QR code and has enabled data roaming on his device.

How the customer can install an eSIM?

Here's a guide that you can share with the customers, or you can follow it for the instructions regarding the eSIM installation.

Use this canned response: "eSIM Activation Instructions"
Do only existing customers get the eSIM?

The customers don't have to be the existing ones to use our eSIMs, new customers can get an eSIM too. They only need an account and an active payment method to get an eSIM. Customers can also sign up for eSIM only.


When does a customer get a complimentary eSIM? What are the complimentary data amounts for each country/region?

All customers with Unlimited Plans can get complimentary international data. Please refer to this Guide to find about complimentary data amounts. You can also consult OAs and TLs in KHI regarding any scenario related to this.

Customers with Unlimited ALL plans get the Complimentary eSIM with the greater data allowance (if any). Customers with other Unlimited plans get the Complimentary eSIM with the lower data allowance (if any).
Use this canned response: "Complimentary International eSIM Response"
How the users on custom plans can get an eSIM?

Users on custom plans, or folks who are not customers can also get access to eSIM data abroad. They will however have to pay for it. 

Please use this Guide to find about the prices of the packages and if customers are still interested they can buy from the dashboard or we can buy for them from AP after their verification.
Do eSIMs renew like normal plans?

They don't renew. A plan will activate automatically when the phone is in the international location. When the phone connects to the international network, the plan activates. Each plan lasts 30 days from when it is activated. An eSIM can have as many plans on it as someone wants – think about it like adding a lot of top ups.


Which phones are compatible with US Mobile eSIMs?

Here's a list of our eSIM compatible devices. If the customer comes with a device not mentioned here, please consult with TLs once to be sure.

Which IMEI should work for eSIMs on iPhones?

IMEI2 should always work for eSIMs on iPhones.

Do eSIMs on iPhone/Android face issues with Hotspot?

Well there are no hotspot restrictions on Android devices however iPhone users might not be able to use hotspot on eSIMs in some countries. In such cases, please ask for the destination country of the customer and confirm with a TL.

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