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What is Palm?

Palm is a super small smartphone, which is about the size of a credit card. It operates on Android OS.

Through US Mobile, Palm can be used either as a standalone device or a companion device like a wearable. The companion device option is available only through Verizon and it does NOT concern us.

Therefore, customers can get Palm devices in three ways:

  1. Buy through Verizon.
  2. Buy unlocked.
  3. Buy unlocked with a US Mobile SIM card.

The only features that aren't available on Palm Phone, which are available on other Android phones are:

  • Mobile Hotspot
  • Visual Voicemail
  • One TalkSM (for businesses)

US Mobile Plans for Palm Phones

US Mobile is partnering with Palm to offer unique plans that are only available to Palm users. Here's a diagram of the plans we are offering.

US Mobile Palm Phone Plans

The plans do include the $2 service fee but do not include RCR fee.

We don't offer 1 time payments for 3 Months or Annual plans anymore however please go ahead with the service credit if the customer is willing to buy 3 months or annual plan and ask them to keep their autopay on

Using US Mobile SIM Cards in Palm


  1. Type 1 Customers: If a customer adds a free US Mobile SIM card with his/her unlocked device, Palm sends out a special Super LTE SIM with the device.
    • Customer MUST activate using this link:
    • During the activation flow, when the customer enters the ICCID, our system will recognize it as a Palm-specific ICCID and will provision a FREE Ultimate plan for the first month.
    • In the last week of their first-month trial, Type 1 customers will be able to purchase a Palm specific plan. These users will be able to see the 3rd tab on the matrix. It is important to note that although the user could purchase a 3 or 12-month plan, they will be charged monthly (on autopay). 
  2. Type 2 Customers: If a customer gets a regular unlocked Palm device and orders a regular SIM card through our website, they can only buy our regular plans through our website during activation. But when renewing they would be able to order Palm specific plans.

In the above case (Type 2): we will give the customer a full refund for their first month because of our Palm phone campaign.

Palm phones don't work properly without the CDMAless feature enabled.

FAQ and Canned Responses

1. I have a Palm device. Can I get the free month trial?

The free trial is only available if you get a SIM card through Palm when you order a Palm device through their website. 

We usually offer them a free month of service even if they don't fall in the category mentioned above.

2. How does the 3 month or annual plan work? Is this a contract?

You’ll still be paying month to month via AutoPay but at a discounted rate. It is not a contract.

3. How do I add moderate to light usage plans or choose 3 month or Annual plan? 

The option will appear in your dashboard during the last week of your free month. You will be able to choose a Moderate or Light plan, or you can stay with the Ultimate plan. You can also choose a 1 month, a 3 month, or an Annual plan. 

4. I got a Palm with a US Mobile SIM card from Palm directly. However, can I use the SIM card in another non-Palm device and avail myself of the Palm-plans? 

The SIM cards are designed to be used in Palm devices only. However, If you put the SIM card in another device, our system will recognize it and you won’t be able to use the special plans. 

5. What is a companion device? Can I get Palm as a companion device through US Mobile? 

A companion device syncs with your primary smartphone, meaning you share the same phone number. You can leave your primary phone behind at home and still stay connected while you’re enjoying outdoor activities. At this moment, you cannot get Palm as a companion device through US Mobile as it is a feature currently offered by Verizon only. 

6. I have a US Mobile GSM SIM card and an unlocked Palm device. How can I get the Palm-specific US Mobile plans? 

The Palm will work with your GSM SIM card, but you will need to get a Super LTE SIM card from US Mobile to get those special plans. We can send you a Super LTE SIM card today for free. What’s a good shipping address? 

7. What is a standalone device? 

A standalone device means it can be used as a separate phone and is not synced with your primary phone. 

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