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Do we provide usage analytics?

Yes, we do, but customers may confuse it with usage logs. They might want to know the exact number of talk, texts, and minutes used.

What is usage analytics?

Use canned response: Usage Analytics Intro- Chats

Usage analytics give users access to near real-time and historical data about how they use their devices. With enterprise-level usage analytics per line, a better decision making for plan choices can be achieved in the near future. Users can go over their daily and weekly analytics, and they choose their future phone plans accordingly.

How to navigate to Usage Analytics?

Ask the customer to follow these instructions:

  1. Log in to US Mobile dashboard.
  2. On the left sidebar, scroll to Analytics.
  3. Here, customers can see usage analytics for all their lines for each, talk, text, and data.
  4. The data is either presented in a monthly or a weekly format.
  5. The data can further be broken down into 'Daily Avg' and 'Weekly Total'.

Can I see the exact usage?

If customers ask about their exact usage, you can add a usage log for them, but for no more than 60 days.

Let the customers know, that we won't be able to provide a usage log for more than 60 days.
I cannot see my analytics, what do I do?

Users can often complain, that they can't see analytics for a particular line. This can be an issue, in case their line is expired or has had no active usage on the specified dates.

Customers can only see real-time analytics for an Active (In-use) line.

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