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Snoozing a Line

Please use canned response: Snooze Intro- Chats

Snoozing a plan means that the line is put on “sleep” till the customer reactivates it. If a plan is snoozed, the line is retained by the customer and their plans are not renewed after every billing cycle till the line is removed from snooze. It ensures that the line is not transferred to other customers if the customers are not using the service for long.

What are the charges for snoozing a line?

The service fee for this feature is $2.98 where $2.00 for the monthly services and $0.98 for taxes.

When can a customer snooze their line?

  • The customer is travelling abroad for a long or short period of time
  • The customer does not want to use their SIM card but wants to keep the number
  • The customer does not have enough funds to purchase a plan
  • The customer does not want to buy a plan, but keep the number
  • Any reason customer wants to keep the number active but doesn't want to use it temporarily so they would snooze a line to avoid the risk of the number loss

How many months will a snoozed line stay with us?

As long as the customer wants. As soon as the customer reactivates, the line will no longer be on snooze.

How to check if a line is snoozed on Admin Portal?

PSS can check the order history of the line to confirm if the line is snoozed or not. The line will also not have a base plan and autopay will be ON for the line.

How can a line be Snoozed?

Refer customer to this Guide.

For emails please use the following canned responses to guide the customer:
- Snoozing a line AutoPay OFF
- Snoozing a line AutoPay ON
For Super LTE, the line must have at least a 1-minute call made within the first 60 days after activation, otherwise, the number would be automatically disconnected by Verizon and the SIM status would show Suspended. As long as this condition is met, the line can stay on snooze indefinitely!

How can a line be un-snoozed?

Please use canned response: Unsnoozing a line

The customer will need to turn OFF autopay and then purchase a plan. Once the plan is purchased, PSS will need to kick it in manually from the SIM page. Once the plan is kicked in, the line will be unsnoozed.

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