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What is Autopay and how can a customer enable it?

Customers can turn on Auto Pay for their lines to avoid missing payments for continuous service of talk, text and data. It allows them to set up automatic payment for their plans of choice using their credit or debit card. Once they enable AutoPay, the system will automatically charge their debit or credit card 2 days before their current plan expires and the new plan starts at the end of the current billing cycle, ensuring continuity of service.

The customers will get an invoice via email detailing all charges.

The customer can follow the instructions below in order to turn their AutoPay on for any of their lines:

  1. Sign into their account.
  2. Click on the line they want to enable AutoPay for.
  3. Click on the blue ‘PAY MY BILL’ button.
  4. They will see the matrix of talk, text, and data options appear (just like at sign-up).
  5. Their current base plan options will be highlighted. If they want to change their plan, they need to simply click on the talk, text, and data buckets to make changes for the next base plan accordingly. They need to make sure that the AutoPay toggle is on right below the plan.
    Your current base plan options will be highlighted. If you want to change your plan, simply click on the talk, text, and data buckets that you would like to use moving forward. And toggle AutoPay on right below the plan. Don't worry even with AutoPay activated you can change your plan whenever you want.
  6. Once they are happy with their plan, ask them to click on ‘SAVE THIS PLAN’ below to finish setting up their AutoPay. 
  7. After they complete saving the new plan, it will be charged two days before the expiration of the current plan and it will kick in right after the current plan expires.
AutoPay must be enabled 2 days before the existing billing cycle expires, for a successful automatic payment for the next plan.

How can a customer disable AutoPay?

  1. Login to US Mobile Account.
  2. Select the line.
  3. Click on “REVIEW MY PLAN”.
  4. Click on “CANCEL AUTOPAY”.
  5. Click on “Confirm cancelling AutoPay”.
  6. The AutoPay feature will be turned OFF.
Please use this canned response to disable AutoPay: "AutoPay OFF Instructions" for emails, for chats please break these steps down and share them one by one.

What to do if an AutoPay Payment fails?

If the AutoPay fails due to the payment being declined by the bank or for some other reason, it will be turned off and the customer will receive an email notification. At this point, the customer needs to update their payment method by going to settings on their account dashboard. They will have to make a payment manually by following the instructions below:

  1. Head to the Account and click on the Line you want to change the plan for.
  2. In the box on the Top Right corner, it should say “Pay My Bill”, click on that.
  3. Now select the new desired plan, from under either the “Custom Plans” or “Unlimited Plans” heading.
  4. They will now need to please make sure that AutoPay is turned OFF for the transaction to go through. For this please click on 'TURN OFF AUTOPAY' toggle after selecting the desired plan.
  5. After they do all this, they will then be able to click on “PAY MY BILL” to complete the payment for the new plan.
  6. Ask the customer to join us on live chat or to call us if they want to get this plan kicked in immediately. We will activate it for them our end by clicking on "Start the plan".
  7. They can then re-enable the AutoPay after the new billing cycle starts.


How does AutoPay work?

You can choose to put your account on Auto Pay to avoid missing payments and gaps in service of talk, text and data. It allows you to set up automatic payments with your plans of choice using your credit or debit card. Once you sign up, we will automatically charge your debit or credit card two days before your current plan expires and the plans which are ordered do wait till the end of the billing cycle before going live.

What happens if I have no money in my CC/Debit Card 2 days before the billing cycle?

The AutoPay feature will run multiple times in order to capture the payment in order to keep the service running without interruption, however, if money is not added in the CC/Debit Card, the service will be interrupted and it will come to a halt once the current plan expires. 

What to do if I want to set-up the AutoPay and I have already made a payment that's scheduled?

Wait till the scheduled payment date and then set up the AutoPay.

Can I change CC/Debit Card for the line number with AutoPay ON?

Yes, you definitely can do that. You can update the card details by going in the account or line settings on your account dashboard. Make sure that you have enough credit/money in the bank account so that you are charged two days prior to the billing cycle.

Can I activate AutoPay for a fixed amount of Months?

Unfortunately, no.

Can I pay money in advance rather than being charged by CC/Debit Card?

Unfortunately, no. We currently only accept money in digital form which is charged from CC/Debit Card only

AutoPay plans can be modified and updated before the payment is captured for the next month's billing cycle, correct?

Absolutely correct! 

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