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Plans: Selection and Pricing

At US Mobile, we offer both Custom and Unlimited Plans to our customers. Both our GSM LTE and SUPER LTE Networks support Custom and Unlimited Plans.

Under a Custom Plan, a customer can choose their talk, text, and data individually as per their need.

Under an Unlimited Plan, a customer can either choose:

  1. Unlimited Bundle: Unlimited talk and texts with a wide range of data offered (1GB,5GB,12GB,18GB,30GB).
  2. Unlimited All: Unlimited talk, text, and data.
All the plans that US Mobile offers are mentioned here.

Validity of US Mobile Plan

As US Mobile is a prepaid carrier, a customer will pay up-front for 30 days. After 30 days of service, they can renew the plan they already had or pick a new one. The renewal date is 30 days from when their line is activated. If a customer is transferring a number to US Mobile, then the plan begins on the day that the port completes.

To help remind a customer when their line expires, a customer's dashboard displays the number of days till the line expires. US Mobile emails you three billing reminders and even lets you set up Auto Pay which automatically renews your line every 30 days (with whichever plan you choose).

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